HEY NOW!  Jett here.  In case you didn’t know, Michael Uslan’s THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN memoir is in the early stages of being adapted as a Broadway play (CLICK HERE for details).  Check out the first Q&A with Legion M — the folks behind the project — and Michael Uslan himself as they discuss the book and this upcoming project.

If you’re a longtime reader of BOF, you know that Mr. Uslan is one of my personal Batman heroes.  Over the years, I (and BOF) have been lucky enough to interview and meet Mr. U several times, but the coolest thing is that I’ve been able to call him a friend — what an honor!

Now, on to the first DARKNIGHTS AND DAYDREAMS Q&A! – Bill “Jett” Ramey


Legion M — the world’s first FAN-OWNED entertainment company –talks with Michael Uslan, the executive producer of the BATMAN movie franchise. In this live-stream replay, we answer all your questions about DARKNIGHTS AND DAYDREAMS, our play in development based on Michael’s memoir!

Legion M works with top Hollywood creators to bring boldly original movies, TV and VR to market. Legion M is also the first company in history built from the ground up to be owned by fans. Check ’em out at www.legionm.com to learn more!  Follow us on social media at…

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A life-long Batman fan, Bill “Jett” Ramey is the founder of BATMAN ON FILM. His passions include Dallas Cowboys football, Elvis Presley, Rock music, cold beer, dive bars, the University of Texas Longhorns, of course, Batman. He resides in the great state of Texas with his lovely wife (“Announcer Rachel”), his youngest son, and his .5 Boston Terrier.

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