10 Anime Characters Who Prove That You Can Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Many anime characters might seem like they have personalities befitting of how they look, such as a sports-related character being extremely energetic and/or laidback, while younger characters such as children often have innocent personalities. However, some characters are very different despite their looks and public appearance.

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From Clear being a robot in reality to Nozaki secretly creating shojo manga, these characters had more depth to them compared to how they came off to others in public. Despite mostly looking like or appearing as regular people, each of these characters had hidden sides to them that showed viewers that they were more than what they seemed.

10 Clear Is A Robot In Disguise (DRAMAtical Murder)

Though Clear might just seem like an eccentric and weird human being, he is a humanoid robot. Clear was initially created to serve the main villain, Toue, with his Dye Music singing, but he was discarded after being deemed defective.

However, the person in charge of discarding him decided to flee with Clear instead, and raised him as his son. He later embraced his humanity thanks to Aoba’s help in both the anime adaptation and the visual novel.

9 Koro-Sensei Is Actually A Caring Teacher Despite Being An Alien (Assassination Classroom)

Koro-Sensei was and looked like a threatening alien bent on destroying the world if the students did not kill him before graduation. However, Koro-Sensei was also one of the best teachers that the students ever had in Assassination Classroom.

He encouraged the students to stand up for themselves, take care of each other, and help them get better at their schoolwork while also teaching them potential ways to assassinate him (though many of these attempts failed). In contrast, many of the other teachers cared little for their students and even hurt them with little care for their actions’ repercussions.

8 Syaro Is Secretly Poor Despite Her Rich Tastes (Is The Order A Rabbit?)

Syaro often demonstrated high-class tastes meant for rich people, such as reaching for expensive porcelain at the stores. However, she was secretly poor and lived in a run-down house beside Ana Usa An. She was especially worried about this secret coming out because she was scared that Rize and her other friends would look down on her.

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Thankfully for Syaro, her friends accepted her regardless of her financial status, much to her joy. They cared little about her wealth and cared more about her as a person and as their friend.

7 Sebastian Is A Demon Despite His Humanoid Appearance (Black Butler)

Though Sebastian Michaelis might come off as a perfect butler that any lord or lady would enjoy having under their service, he is a malicious demon in reality. He made a contract with Ciel to serve him in exchange for eventually taking Ciel’s soul.

Considering how perfect of a butler he was in public, this information was hard for anyone to suspect. Poor Arthur Conan Doyle got the fright of his life in the Book Of Murder anime adaptation when Sebastian revealed his demonic form to him.

6 Katarina Claes Was Supposed To Be The Villain (My Next Life As A Villainess: All Routes Lead To Doom!)

When Katarina Claes realized that she was reborn as the villainess in the game Fortune Lover, she quickly did all she could to avoid her bad endings (death or exile, depending on who the protagonist Maria Campbell romanced). She befriended all of the main cast members, acting kind to others in contrast to her role as a villainess, and keeping close tabs on Maria’s relationship progress.

However, unknown to Katarina, she succeeded in not only preventing her doom but also making the entire main cast fall in love, as all of them wanted to get with Katarina romantically.

5 Ruriko Kuroyanagi Is A Successful Actress Despite Her Age (Hinako Note)

Despite being a young child, Ruriko is an accomplished actress. She was also in charge of the school’s theater club. The reason the club initially was on hiatus was that she was away overseas doing related acting work.

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When Ruriko returned, she took over the theater club and had many scripts written for plays that she wanted to perform in. She also made Hinako sing and put her in one of the lead roles in a play, much to Hinako’s surprise and the delight of her friends.

4 Tsubasa Katsuki Secretly Comes From A Rich Family (Comic Girls)

Tsubasa Katsuki secretly came from a rich family. She carried herself with a tomboyish appearance, at home, however, she kept up the appearance of a rich young lady that fit in with the rest of her family, including having longer hair and wearing dresses.

She also pretended to forget that she was even a mangaka, to begin with, while she was at home. She later revealed to her friends that she pretended to play along with her family at home because none of her family supported her being a mangaka at all.

3 Olivia Does Not Know How To Speak English Despite Her Initial Trickery (Asobi Asobaase)

Olivia, from Asobi Asobaase, despite initially tricking Hanako Honda into thinking that she spoke English, did not actually know how to speak it. During their first encounter with each other, Olivia spoke in broken Japanese, leading Hanako to believe that she was a transfer student from the U.S.

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This trickery later backfired when Hanako asked Olivia to teach her English, and Olivia’s lie led to her forming the Pastimers club. This situation got even worse after Olivia was chosen to represent her class in an English-speaking competition.

2 Nozaki Is A Manga Artist (Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun)

Despite looking like and being a regular high school student to most people he knew, Nozaki was a mangaka that created shojo manga. However, he kept quiet about this at school and while he hung out with most of his peers. He ended up getting Sakura, who had a crush on him, to help him create manga.

While their relationship blossomed, they also met and encountered other classmates that served as inspiration for Nozaki’s later works. Ironically, despite creating romantic manga, Nozaki had no actual romantic experience himself. He also seemed oblivious of Sakura’s feelings towards him until about halfway through the series.

1 Kuro Is A Dragon (Restaurant To Another World)

Kuro might take on an elven appearance most of the time in Restaurant To Another World, but in reality, she is a destructive black dragon. She is so destructive that she had to exile herself to the moon to avoid destroying her world back home due to her presence alone.

Thankfully for Western Restaurant Nekoya, Kuro never stayed there long enough to end up destroying the place by accident. Even though she only spoke through telepathy and came off as strange to some visitors and even her coworkers, many of them enjoyed her presence despite her potentially-destructive qualities.

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