5 Marvel Heroes You Didn’t Know Had Kids (And 5 You Totally Did)

The superhero life isn’t exactly conducive to having a family. Our favorite Marvel heroes just don’t have time in between all the saving the world. And then there’s the danger of having a family when you’re a target for supervillains. Kids are perfect for kidnapping, unfortunately. Despite all this, some heroes have made it work.

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Whether they’ve gone the dating and marriage route or whether it’s been out of their hands, everyone on this list has had a child of their own, if you realized or not. Many of these kids have been gifted with powers and followed in their parents’ footsteps. A few ended up simply fending for themselves. And one, well, you’ll just have to read on.

10 Knew: Ant-Man (Scott Lang)

Cassie Lang was made a household name as Scott Lang’s daughter in the Ant Man films in which she appeared as a child and then a teenager post-Avengers: Endgame. In the comics, however, Cassie grew up to be a member of the Young Avengers known as Stature.

Cassie had been taking Pym Particles for years. They gave her the power to shrink and grow much like her father. Most recently Cassie was known as Stinger, part of a superhero duo with her father, after she (at her mother’s urging) attempted to resume normal, non-superhero life.

9 Didn’t Know: The Scarlet Witch & Vision

You may remember when Wanda Maximoff used her magic to create twin baby boys for herself and Vision. You may recall that the loss of her sons caused her breakdown that ultimately led to the events in House of M. What you may not know, though, is that these twin boys were reincarnated into the Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed.

Billy Kaplan, known as Wiccan, has a variety of powers including tele and electrokinesis. Tommy Shepherd, known as Speed, has powers much like his uncle Quicksilver. Yep, you guessed it: superspeed. Billy is presently engaged to Teddy Altman, the Hulkling. Both were on the New Avengers during Secret Empire, while Tommy has been traveling.

8 Knew: Professor X

It’s unsurprising that Charles Xavier, Professor X himself, fathered one of the most powerful mutants of all time. David Haller, known as Legion, contains as many as two hundred personalities each with their own powerful ability.

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David struggles to keep all these personalities under control, but with only partial success. Many times one has broken free and he has had to do damage control on his relationships, the world, and reality itself. He has spent plenty of time in both hospitals and prisons. Legion’s heart is in the right place, but his mind doesn’t always comply.

7 Didn’t Know: Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have had a long and winding road together. From nights here and there spent together, to moving in, and now to parenthood. After a kidnapping by Hydra, Jessica Jones gave birth to their daughter Danielle. Jones and Cage married shortly after Dani’s birth.

Danielle is still a child, so we have yet to see if she develops any of the powers of her parents. Presently her nanny is Squirrel Girl because her parents have gone back to work, so she’s getting plenty of exposure to superheroes.

6 Knew: Wolverine

Also popularized in the film is Wolverine’s daughter Laura Kinney. Part of a program attempting to recreate Weapon X, Laura came into being when Dr. Sarah Kinney combined her own genetic material with Wolverine’s to fix the failures of the botched male clones.

The doctor in charge of the project punished Dr. Kinney for her insubordination by making her carry Laura’s embryo herself. Thus, X-23 was born. Though raised to be a weapon, Laura forged her own path. She ended up a member of X-Force and became a hero in her own way.

5 Didn’t Know: Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew has a baby son named Gerry. Despite a barrage of pleas from her friends, Jessica hasn’t revealed the identity of Gerry’s father. Born during a Skrull invasion of a hospital inside a black hole, Gerry was special from the very beginning.

So far he’s shown his inheritance of super strength, speed, and agility from his mother. Even now he’s powerful enough to get the drop on Black Widow and leave a bruise. After his birth, his mother got right back to superhero duties within minutes. She hasn’t really stopped since. While Spider-Woman is at work, Porcupine babysits little Gerry.

4 Knew: Cyclops

Scott Summers once married a clone of Jean Grey named Madeline Pryor. Scott didn’t know she was a clone but fell in love with her Jean-like qualities. They had a son together named Nathan, who was ultimately taken to a dystopian, future Earth and became the mutant we now know as Cable.

Cable is a powerful telepath, but for most of his life has been distracted trying to prevent a virus from turning his body into mechanical material. He himself knows little but war. A one-time weapons dealer, he hops around time and space, ultimately joining X-Force.

3 Didn’t Know: Captain/Ms. Marvel

Now we come to the most troubling of the superhero kid stories. In 1980, Marvel ran a storyline in which Carol Danvers, then Ms. Marvel, is impregnated in Limbo by Marcus Immortus. She’s not impregnated with his son, though, but with himself. She’s then transported back to her reality and gives birth to Marcus himself, freeing him from the timelessness of Limbo.

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Marcus experienced accelerated aging and was soon able to plot against the Avengers himself, who then banished him back to Limbo. He took Carol with him, but his rapid aging continued until he turned to dust and Carol was free to find her way back to her timeline.

2 Didn’t Know: The Hulk

During the events of Planet Hulk, Bruce Banner married Caiera of Sakaar and had a son named Skaar. Skaar did not inherit power from his father but did inherit the ability to wield the Old Power of earth and stone from his mother.

He was a savage warrior, often acting out of revenge. Skaar and Bruce had a deeply complicated relationship as father and son. Bruce, as Doc Green, is the one to depower Skaar in the end so he can live a simple life as a hunter in the mountains.

1 Knew: Mr. Fantastic & The Invisible Woman

Reed Richards and Susan Storm have arguably one of the most lasting relationships in Marvel Comics history. They have a son, Franklin, who received powers from the same cosmic radiation that affected his parents and essentially created The Fantastic Four.

Franklin is so powerful, in fact, that his father once kept him comatose to prevent his power from destroying Earth. Franklin is learning to control his powers as he grows up. Given that he can rearrange matter itself, he’s on par with the Celestials, so if he doesn’t learn to control himself, we’re all in trouble.

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