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Eren Yeager was the main protagonist of Attack on Titan until the Marley arc. When he was a child, he dreamed of joining the Survey Corps, and after discovering his titan powers, he became their greatest weapon. Because of him, Paradis was able to accomplish a lot.

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However, Eren made a lot of mistakes as well and eventually become the series’ antagonist. In many ways, Eren made things a lot worse than they had to be for both those he was close to and the entire world.

10 He Got Into Fights With Jean When They Were In The 104th Cadet Corps

Similar to how Eren was so passionate about joining the Survey Corps, Jean strongly believed in becoming a soldier in the Military Police. Because of this, the two of them fought a lot during their time in the 104th Cadet Corps, making training more difficult than it had to be for both them and those around them. If they didn’t constantly fight with each other and respected each other instead, their comrades could have had a better time doing what they wanted rather than being interrupted by them. Luckily, Eren and Jean eventually became good friends.

9 He Failed To Control His Titan In Trost

Though his powers ended up being very helpful, Eren couldn’t control his titan abilities for quite some time. After figuring out that he was a titan shifter in Trost, he hoped to lift a boulder and use it to block the hole that the titans were coming in from. However, not being able to control himself, he ended up accidentally threatening a group of soldiers, attacking Mikasa, and being knocked out for some time. This caused some people to fear Eren rather than believe in him.

8 He Trusted His Comrades, Resulting In Their Deaths

After joining the Special Operations Squad, Eren got to meet his comrades, Eld, Gunther, Petra, and Oluo. When they first encountered the Female Titan, Eren wanted to fight her, but they wanted to follow Levi’s orders and lure Annie into a trap. Eren ended up listening to them and the Survey Corps’ plan seemed to work.

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However, Annie was able to free herself and fought Eren’s comrades. He continued to trust that they would be able to defeat her, but she ended up killing all of them. If Eren had listened to himself rather than his squad, they may have lived.

7 He Strongly Disagreed With His Comrades On Whether To Save Armin Or Erwin

When Bertholdt burned Armin and Zeke threw debris at Erwin, both of them nearly died. Only being able to save one of them, the Survey Corps had a difficult choice to make. Eren and Mikasa did everything that they could to make sure that Armin survived, whether they fought back against the comrades who disagreed or tried to convince them to change their minds. While Levi did make the decision to save Armin, many people thought that Erwin should have taken the titan serum instead, blaming Eren for the commander’s death.

6 He Formed The Yeagerists

After seeing into the future and knowing all of the terrible things he would end up doing, Eren, with the help of Floch, convinced people in Paradis’ military to fight for him as a Yeagerist. For a long time, they kept their intentions away from their other comrades, but when they were ready, the Yeagerists overthrew the Survey Corps, Garrison, and Military Police. Once the Survey Corps teamed up with the Warrior Unit to stop Eren, the Yeagerists fought them, causing former comrades to be on opposite sides of a battle greater than the ones they fought alongside each other.

5 He Invaded Marley, Proving That He Was Their Enemy

While Eren may have given the Eldians in Paradis hope, he caused the rest of the world to live in more fear than they had been since the Great Titan War. When Willy Tybur brought people from all around the world to Marley, he told them how much of a threat Eren was to them.

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Eren proved that Willy was right, as he had secretly invaded Marley and killed Willy along with many other people. This resulted in nearly everyone in the world hating and fearing him.

4 He Treated His Friends Terribly

Not only did Eren invade Marley, he practically forced the Survey Corps to do so as well. This resulted in them losing faith in him. After the Yeagerists came into power, Eren spoke with Armin and Mikasa. He told Mikasa that he always hated her and beat up Armin, hurting the two people that loved him since they were children. Things between them were unfortunately never the same again.

3 He Convinced Grisha To Inherit The Founding Titan

The reason that Eren inherited the Founding Titan is that Grisha stole it from the Reiss family and gave it to them. As an Eldian Restorationist, it seemed that this was something Grisha had always planned. However, when he finally had the opportunity to complete his mission, he hesitated. Through the coordinate, Eren was able to convince him to kill the Reiss family and take the Founding Titan. This resulted in a lot of bad things. Even a past version of Eren hated what Grisha did and was willing to sacrifice himself when he learned about what happened, not knowing the role he played.

2 He Killed Most Of Humanity During The Rumbling

After going into the coordinate, Eren was able to work with Ymir Fritz in order to begin the Rumbling. He unhardened the Colossal Titans that were used to make Paradis’ walls and used them to crush everyone and everything he could as the Survey Corps and Warrior Unit tried to stop him. He ended up killing 80% of humanity before he was defeated, and would have kept moving forward if Mikasa didn’t kill him.

1 He Was Partially Responsible For His Mother’s Death

Upon Eren’s defeat, Armin was able to remember their final conversation. Before that, Eren had used his powers to take away Armin’s memory. Eren explained a lot of things to Armin, including the fact that Dina would have eaten Bertholdt if he hadn’t sent her over to his mother. Eren was partially responsible for Carla’s death all along, without knowing it until it was too late. Things may have turned out better for him if he didn’t sacrifice her.

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