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For a long time, Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil languished in b-hero status among the Marvel pantheon. The movie featuring the character played by Ben Affleck didn’t do him any favors either.

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But with the new show based on the character, audiences finally realized that Daredevil is basically an even more badass version of Batman. He’s a regular guy who, despite being blind, uses his brains, brawn, and slightly heightened senses to fight crime as a vigilante at night and as a lawyer by day. The character has inspired more than his fair share of memes, and here are the most hilarious ones:

10 Basically Batman

Daredevil Meme

Batman wishes he could be as much like a true bat as Daredevil naturally is. Unlike the Dark Knight, who has to rely on technology to create a map of Gotham using ‘Bat Sonar,’ Daredevil’s ears are naturally attuned towards mapping out the surrounding area via echolocation thanks to his acute sense of hearing.

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Also, the collapsible bat he carries as his weapon of choice takes the ‘Bat’ motif even further. Really, Daredevil has a much better claim to the mantle of The Batman than Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, or any other hero in Gotham.

9 Lack of Vision

Who knew Scarlett Witch and Daredevil would be so uniquely tied by tragic circumstances? Both sported costumes of a vibrantly red hue in their comics, which were toned down considerably by the studios behind their live-action avatars to give them a more ‘gritty’ appearance.

Also, both are suffering from a tragic loss of ‘Vision’ in their lives, rendering them somewhat helpless and alone. Needless to say, Matt literally lost his vision when he was a young boy, while Scarlett Witch lost her lover named Vision at the hands of the Mad Titan named Thanos.

8 Not a Game

Online multiplayer games are a tough cookie sometimes when you are cut off from communicating with the rest of your crew and are basically flying blind against an enemy who is ignoring the rest of the gameplay to target you specifically.

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In such cases, being able to escape with your life is a rare feat, but it is all the more satisfying to take down that annoying opponent and then gloat in their face. Naturally, in such a scenario, you are Daredevil, and the opponent is Kingpin.

7 The Downer Defender

Considering the tragic circumstances that gave birth to most of the heroes of the Defenders team, they were never going to have the breezy camaraderie of the Avengers, but they still make it work, despite having to take the subway instead of their own private jet. Jessica Jones looks to be feeling too grumpy to participate in the conversation.

Are the other two maybe talking about when Jessica got really drunk and flashed the Punisher? Or something even wilder? We’ll never know, but memes like this do help fuel the fires of speculation. And Jessica does look like she needs another drink to get through the conversation.

6 The Trials Of Being Daredevil

These are the smaller questions about life as a blind superhero that Marvel rarely addresses, and so fans are forced to come up with their own, hilarious conclusions. Imagine Daredevil needs to whiz while visiting the Avengers tower and has to be extra careful not to spray the toilet bowl, so the Avengers don’t see the Defenders as uncouth hooligans.

We can imagine Daredevil’s brain creating an echolocation map of the area based on the pattern of patter as the jet of water hits the bowl, and then using it to direct and refine his aim. It’s a process fraught with nerves and complications.

5 Being Daredevil

Everyone loves superhero games because who doesn’t want to kick butt as the Dark Knight or Spider-Man? But a first-person shooter for a Daredevil game would be almost impossible to navigate, what with him being blind and all.

Such a game would have to be entirely noise-based instead, and that would get old fast, as you flail around the game in complete darkness. Did your punches land? Did you save the victim? Did you defeat the final boss? Did you accidentally knock out the victim instead, and that gave time for the boss to run away? We don’t know; we can’t see anything!

4 Sneaking into the Avengers

Matt’s the only hero who can use this tactic to try to get into the Avengers team. And Steve Rogers and all the other Avengers would be too nice to tell him this isn’t the Defenders crew. So Daredevil could become the first Avenger who is a member because everyone feels too awkward to tell him to leave.

And once Matt is in, you know it is only a matter of time before he sneaks the rest of his Defenders pals into the Avengers tower, while the rest of the Avengers fume and wait for Tony to kick them out. Now that’s a Civil War-type storyline we’d love to watch.

3 Lawyer Mode

You can take the hero out of the lawyer, but you can’t take the lawyer out of the hero. Daredevil is the one hero who can stall his own arrest for as long as he wants by bringing up lots of obscure articles and clauses in the constitution to delay his arrest.

That is why it is a good idea to have him on your superhero team. Imagine if Matt had been a part of the team when Captain American and Iron Man were arguing over the Sokovia accords. Matt could probably have found a way to negotiate the accords in a way that satisfied both parties, thus in all probability preventing the war that took place between the two superhero factions.

2 Walking into a Bar

The age-old joke ‘A man walks into a bar…’ gets a new spin with Daredevil. Not only does he walk into a bar, but he also walks into a table and a chair and presumably a lot of other furniture that is in his way.

After all, not every place has lots of noise for Matt to create an echolocation map of his surroundings, and he has a tendency to wander around without his walking stick, so people don’t realize Daredevil is blind. The two factors combine to almost guarantee Matt will be crashing into a lot of stuff, while people who witness the whole thing assume Daredevil has had a few drinks too many.

1 Daredevil the King of Ham

Daredevil is an accomplished fighter and lawyer. But an actor he is not. When he had to affect a simple ruse with Hawkeye, where he had to pretend to feel pain when the archer shot bright light into his face, Matt proceeded to ham up the entire scene worse than Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor.

Onlookers must have felt that Daredevil AKA The Man with No Fear, is kind of a wimp when it comes to getting light flashed into his eyes, probably prompting more than a few criminals in Hell’s Kitchen to start carrying laser pointer keychains.

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