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The live-action DC Extended Universe launched in 2013 with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, a new adaptation of Superman that led to the debut of the Justice League and other related characters. The DCEU also explored the darker side of the DC universe with villain-centric movies like Suicide Squad which further expanded the shared universe.

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While the DCEU isn’t as tightly-plotted as the MCU and has experienced a shift towards Elseworlds tales – like Joker or standalone projects like The Batman – the franchise has continued to introduce powerful characters that have teamed up as duos.

10 General Zod And Faora Were Powerful Kryptonian Warriors

Man of Steel introduced the powerful Kryptonian known as Superman, but he wasn’t the only survivor from his doomed planet. General Zod and his loyal follower Faora were trapped in the Phantom Zone for years after a failed attempt to take over Krypton.

When they were freed, they quickly made plans to find Kal-El and use the codex within him to rebuild the Kryptonian race using the ashes of Earth. Although it took both of them some time to acclimate to Earth and build their powers up, they went toe-to-toe with Superman and had superior warrior training that almost earned them the win.

9 Batman And Wonder Woman Founded The Justice League Together

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice introduced not just Batman and Wonder Woman, but the other members of what would become the Justice League. The attraction between Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince was evident from their first meeting, and it only increased after their battle with Doomsday.

They reunited after Superman’s death to help found the Justice League and proved their strength as allies and individuals when fighting against Steppenwolf. While romance never truly blossomed in the DCEU, their alliance helped bring together the powerful team of heroes necessary to save the world from the threat of Apokolips.

8 Flash And Cyborg Were Set Up As A Powerful Duo In Justice League

Following their brief introduction in Dawn of Justice, Barry Allen/The Flash and Victor Stone/Cyborg were the first recruits of Batman and Wonder Woman to help stop the threat of Steppenwolf & his parademons in Justice League.

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They quickly formed a bond together that would have led to a stronger dynamic with original plans for both of them in The Flash solo movie, but behind-the-scenes issues ended that possibility. Flash and Cyborg are still two of the DCEU’s most powerful characters thanks to Barry’s super-speed and Cyborg’s Mother Box-enhanced cybernetic body.

7 Superman And Lois Lane Are The Only Ones Preventing The Knightmare

While Lois Lane doesn’t have any powers of her own, her relationship with Superman has proven to be one of the strongest connections in the shared universe. The potential loss of Lois Lane in the future is responsible for Superman’s dark turn and allegiance with Darkseid, which was glimpsed in the “Knightmare” sequences throughout Batman v Superman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The love shared between Superman and Lois Lane is as strong as any powerset in the DCEU, making them one of the strongest and most important duos.

6 Lex Luthor And Deathstroke Were Setting Up Their Own League

Justice League teased the beginning of a powerful partnership between villains that was never fulfilled thanks to the move away from interconnected stories in the DCEU. A recently escaped Lex Luthor set up a meeting with the deadly mercenary Deathstroke.

This would have kicked off plans to form their own team of villains, like the Injustice League or Secret Society of Super-Villains. With Lex Luthor’s resources paired with Deathstroke’s enhanced abilities & years of training, they would have been an impressive duo for the League to take on in future installments.

5 Aquaman And Mera Share The Enhanced Strength Of All Atlanteans

Aquaman and Mera were both seen in Justice League, but they didn’t become an effective duo until they began working together in 2018’s Aquaman to stop an invasion of the surface world. Aquaman is an Atlantean with enhanced strength and speed that makes him nearly as strong as characters like Superman. Mera is a Xebellian who shares similar attributes along with the ability to control and manipulate water, making them one of the DCEU’s most powerful duos when working together in their element.

4 Ocean Master And Black Manta Are A Deadly Team of Villains

The Atlantean heroes were forced to team up against the united force of Orm – who had manipulated events in Aquaman so he could be crowned as Ocean Master – and Black Manta. Black Manta was a high-tech modern pirate who lost his father during an encounter with Aquaman which put him on a path of revenge.

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Ocean Master is similar to Aquaman, but he had a lifetime of underwater training and shared the advanced tech of Atlantis with Black Manta which further increased his danger levels. The pair are likely to reunite in the upcoming sequel to further showcase their deadly partnership.

3 Billy Batson And Freddy Freeman Worked Together To Train Shazam

When young Billy Batson was chosen by the Wizard to become his powerful champion in 2019’s Shazam!, he wasn’t very knowledgeable about his abilities or the requirements needed to become a superhero.

Thankfully, his new foster brother Freddy Freeman was a self-admitted superhero fan and the two quickly teamed up to test the limits of Shazam’s powers – setting him on the path to becoming the “World’s Mightiest Mortal.” They became even more powerful together when Billy Batson shared his powers with his foster family siblings, turning Freddy into Shazam, Jr.

2 Max Lord And Cheetah Teamed Up To Take On Wonder Woman In 1984

Thanks to the mystical power of the Dreamstone, failing industrialist Max Lord was able to grant powerful wishes that he used to build his power in Wonder Woman 1984. The Dreamstone also gave Barbara Ann Minerva the same power as Wonder Woman before she was further transformed into the apex predator Cheetah.

Together, the two fought against Wonder Woman in an attempt to spread Max Lord’s control across the entire world. Wonder Woman was still able to beat Cheetah and reason with Lord to save the day, but the DCEU duo already showcased their powerful abilities.

1 King Shark And Ratcatcher II Are Loveably Strong Members Of Task Force X

2021’s The Suicide Squad brought together a new crew of villains as members of Amanda Waller’s Task Force X – including the powerful King Shark and his new friend, Ratcatcher II. King Shark displayed his physical strength a number of times, while Ratcatcher has the ability to control the innumerable rat population.

Together, they ended up saving the day against the giant alien conqueror known as Starro (with some help from other members of the Suicide Squad), making them one of the most loveable and powerful duos in the DCEU.

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