Eternals: Every Main Character, Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful

The newest heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Eternals are beings created by Celestials with the specific purpose of hunting down deviants.  Their enhanced physiology already gives them superhuman strength, stamina, and reflexes, while at the same time making them immortal. Even beyond these remarkable powers, the Eternals are capable of channeling cosmic energy – a unique trait that manifests in distinct abilities.

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While each Eternal has their own unique background and skill set, some are naturally more powerful than others. Certain Eternals don’t get the chance to display their abilities or are placed in unfavorable circumstances that lessen their skills, while others can pose a serious threat.

11 Kingo’s Energy Projection Isn’t That Impressive

No one would say that a Bollywood actor is hiding a secret as huge as being an immortal alien. That’s exactly what Eternal Kingo relies on when he chooses to have a life in the limelight. Sadly, as remarkable as Kingo’s ‘hiding in plain sight’ strategy is, his battlefield abilities are nowhere near as impressive.

Energy projection is a power Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have seen many times before, and on some occasions, with far more remarkable results. Captain Marvel‘s photon blasts put Kingo’s abilities to shame. If Kingo stands out as a character, it’s through the unexpected good humor he brings to every situation.

10 Ajak Doesn’t Get The Chance To Show Her True Potential

It’s difficult to believe, but the leader of the Eternals doesn’t display any magnificent feats of strength throughout the movie. Her unique power involves regeneration and healing. That would normally be intriguing, but the plotline of Eternals doesn’t allow this skill to shine.

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Still, Ajak’s wisdom and quiet strength suggest that she may have been far more powerful than she got the chance to show. As the Prime Eternal, she is also the only one who can communicate with Arishem, a skill which she eventually passes on to Sersi. Ajak dies early on in the movie, pushed into a direct confrontation with the deviants by her fellow Eternal, Ikaris.

9 Sprite’s Handy Illusions Don’t Do Actual Damage

The existence of an Eternal often comes with heavy burdens. Sprite is the perfect example. Despite being immortal, she is crafted in the image of a teenager, which leaves her body and her mind in permanent conflict. Even so, she is a great asset to the team. Using her illusions, she can conceal herself in battle, misdirect her foes, or even shape-shift – as evidenced by her taking Ajak’s form during the confrontation with Sersi.

Sprite often uses her powers to dazzle and enchant humans, so much so that her fellow Eternals are deified in both Mesopotamia and Greece. But as handy as her illusions can be, she can’t actually use them to do damage, which limits her as a fighter.

8 Thena’s Illness Makes The Most Experienced Warrior Vulnerable

Sprite isn’t the only Eternal facing difficult challenges. Thena is perhaps the most battle-hardened warrior among the Eternals. She is able to manifest any weapon she can think of out of pure cosmic energy and she excels at using them in combat. Thena is so skilled at the arts of war that – with a little help from Sprite – the Ancient Greeks incorporate her into their legends as the goddess Athena.

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Unfortunately, her long-time experience comes with a price, as she suffers from Mahd Wy’ry – a form of PTSD caused by the extreme amount of memories Eternals gather. Because of this, Thena often lashes out at her allies, freezes in combat, and is left vulnerable in front of the deviants. She is forced to rely on Gilgamesh to both protect her and keep her from hurting others.

7 Gilgamesh’s Strength Makes Him A True Protector

There’s a reason Gilgamesh becomes a Sumerian legend, and it’s not just because of Sprite’s illusions. A fearsome hand-to-hand combatant, he has the ability to manifest a cosmic exoskeleton which enhances his strength even beyond his regular Eternal levels.

This is why Gilgamesh can hold his own against Thena, even when she is in the grip of her madness, and is confident enough to become her caretaker. Despite this, his fighting style is a little bland and one-dimensional, which ends up being his downfall.

6 Kro Becomes More Powerful With Every Eternal He Kills

Originally seen as only mindless monsters, Deviants are later revealed to be Arishem’s creations. Arishem loses control of them as they evolve, and therefore crafts the Eternals specifically to hunt them. Kro is the leader of the Deviants. Trapped in the ice for millennia, he is freed by glacial melting and kills Ajak, gaining her regeneration abilities.

Gilgamesh is his next victim, and when he absorbs Gilgamesh’s power, Kro gains both Gilgamesh’s Eternal skill and a level of sentience he didn’t have before. He understands both Eternals and Deviants are being used, but that just makes him even more determined to kill all Eternals.

5 Druig Has The Power To Mind Control The Whole Planet

Mind control is without a doubt an ethically questionable skill, and Druig’s existence among the Eternals creates an interesting moral dilemma. The Eternal struggles with not intervening during human conflicts, knowing he can stop them with a single thought.

He is later revealed to be powerful enough to mind control the population of the whole planet, and with the help of the Unimind, he may have even been able to put the Celestial Tiamut to sleep. The only problem with Druig’s power is that it seemingly doesn’t work on deviants. If it had, he would have made the whole team irrelevant.

4 Phastos’ Genius Makes Him A True Threat

Phastos isn’t exactly a warrior, but he doesn’t have to be. A genius with the apparent ability to invent anything, Phastos shines through the technology he creates. He wishes to share his innovations with humanity and is broken-hearted when his good intentions only result in destruction.

He is responsible for creating the Unimind, the device that allows Eternals to pool their power together for a greater purpose. While he has proven to be a skilled fighter, it is his genius that makes him a threat to his opponents and an incredible asset to his team.

3 Makkari Is The Fastest Woman In The Universe

The newest speedster of the MCU, Makkari is by far faster than Quicksilver. While she likes to use her speed for stealing priceless artifacts, it has far greater applications. When the Emergence begins, she easily searches the entire planet to track down its location, propelling herself with giant leaps.

By using her momentum, she can generate extreme force and shockwaves she successfully weaponizes both against the deviants and while fighting her former teammate Ikaris. Her highly versatile fighting style makes her easily one of the strongest characters in the movie. Eternals‘ pacing doesn’t allow Makkari much room to display her abilities, but fans of the character can only anticipate her return in the sequel.

2 Sersi’s Matter Manipulation Is The Most Interesting Power In The Movie

The main character of Eternals, Sersi displays what is arguably the most interesting power in the movie. Sersi is able to manipulate matter, changing the makeup of any non-living thing she touches. Notable instances include turning a London bus into rose petals, but she also transforms a deviant into a tree. By channeling the power of the Unimind, she is also the one who turns the Celestial Tiamut into ice.

Sersi isn’t as creative with her power as she could be and she has her limitations, but she’s even more powerful now that she has become the Prime Eternal. Her kindness and the depth of her emotions make Ajak choose her as her successor, as they are a unique form of strength not just anyone can display.

1 Ikaris Is The Strongest Eternal

If there’s one thing all Eternals can agree on, it’s that none of them can defeat Ikaris. His ability to fly and shoot beams from his eyes makes even in-universe characters associate him with Superman. He isn’t undefeatable, as Phastos has been able to hold him down using his inventions and Makkari has nearly overwhelmed him with her speed.

As an individual fighter, however, Ikaris is easily the strongest Eternal. His steadfast determination to hold true to his convictions can also be considered an almost admirable source of strength, even if does involve a monstrous plan to destroy Earth.

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