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Marvel isn’t exactly known for its sidekicks. While DC created some of the most popular sidekicks ever, Marvel’s sidekicks are for the most part lesser-known, but some of them became pretty iconic over the years. Whereas DC used younger sidekicks that only rarely graduated to bigger things, Marvel’s sidekicks are usually older and a good portion of them have gone on to become heroes in their own right.

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A big reason for this is the power changes many sidekicks have gone through. Some got more powerful, some gained powers, and some lost them. These changes have allowed these sidekicks to become more than what they were before, doing things no one ever expected.

8 Rick Jones Has Gained & Lost More Powers Than Most Heroes

Rick Jones was Marvel’s attempt at a teenage sidekick à la DC’s Snapper Carr. Saving Jones was the inciting incident that created the Hulk, Jones brought the first roster of the Avengers together and took over as Bucky for a short time. He eventually sidekicked for the original Captain Marvel, where the two would switch places via the Negative Bands, something that would happen again with Jones and Mar-Vell’s son Genis.

Later, he would gain gamma powers more than once hanging out with the Hulk, briefly becoming a Hulk before becoming A-Bomb, a heroic version of the Abomination. Jones has gained and lost powers his entire career, died and come back to life many times, and is Marvel’s hardest working sidekick.

7 Wasp Eventually Gained The Power To Grow As Well

Wasp began her career as Ant-Man’s sidekick, in that Silver Age Marvel manner where women were the junior hero of every pair and weren’t treated very well. As the years went by, Wasp would prove herself to be a much greater hero than Hank Pym. Every time he added abilities for himself, she pretty much just stayed with the same flight, shrinking, and energy blasts.

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In the ’90s, Marvel tried to make her into a wasp/human hybrid, which was thankfully short-lived. Later, Wasp was given the common Pym Particle ability to grow, allowing her to become Giant Woman when she needed to. Wasp was already one of the strongest Pym Particle users and getting the ability to grow only made her that much better of a hero.

6 Jubilee’s Powers Have Grown For A Long Time & She’s Become A Vampire

Jubilee was the X-Men’s little sister for a long time. Taken under Wolverine’s wing, she learned the heroic ropes from him as Kate Pryde did before her. Her powers weren’t seemingly as useful as Pryde’s, as it seemed like all she could do was shoot mostly harmless pretty lights. For a long time, she wasn’t the best mutant but her powers got a lot better over the years.

She learned to control them better and they became useful weapons in battle beyond just blinding foes. M-Day would hit and she lost her powers but would eventually be turned into a vampire. This would bring her back onto the X-Men, where she also got an amulet that would allow her to live in the sun and control her bloodlust. After a while, she regained her powers and lost her vampiric abilities.

5 War Machine Gained New Armor

For a long time, James Rhodes was just Tony Stark’s pilot and bodyguard but that would eventually change when Rhodes took over as Iron Man. He proved to be pretty amazing at it and Stark ended up giving him his own armor, the War Machine suit. This suit wasn’t as science-minded as the Iron Man armor, taking advantage of Rhodes’s military past by giving him armor perfect for fighting.

War Machine’s armor would get upgrades as time went on and he’d also eventually get a modified Iron Patriot suit, which combined the abilities of the older Iron Patriot armor and the War Machine armor. He’s since gone back to being War Machine, was killed by Thanos, and was brought back to life. So, par for the course for a sidekick-turned-superhero.

4 Jane Foster Went From Love Interest, To Thor, To Valkyrie

Jane Foster began her time in the Marvel Universe as Thor’s love interest, a nurse who worked with Dr. Donald Blake. She’d eventually become a doctor herself, helping out Thor and other heroes with their medical needs. Eventually, she’d get cancer and once Thor lost his worthiness to Mjolnir, she stepped in, becoming Thor, Goddess of Thunder. She was an amazing Thor and when she lost those powers, everyone was sad.

That wasn’t the end for Jane with powers, though, as she would take up the mantle of Valkyrie. While these powers were different from the ones Jane had before, she took to it very well, proving that she could be a hero regardless of what her powers were.

3 The Winter Soldier Gained A Cybernetic Arm & The Infinity Formula

Bucky has gone through a lot of changes over the years. After being retrieved by the Soviets when he was thought dead, he was transformed into the Winter Soldier, gaining a cybernetic arm that gives him super strength, and the Infinity Formula, which slowed his aging and enhanced his physical abilities. This is a big change from his World War II days as Bucky, where he was pretty much just a normal person with acrobatic skills.

As Winter Soldier, Bucky had to overcome Soviet programming with the help of Captain America and eventually took up the mantle of Captain America for a while. He’s also led the Thunderbolts, took over for Nick Fury as the Man On The Wall, and become an important part of the Marvel Universe, using his greater abilities to become a better hero.

2 The Falcon Has Gone Through All Kinds Of Changes To His Abilities

The Falcon is probably Cap’s best sidekick, starring in all kinds of great stories. He’s also gone through a lot of changes since his first appearance. For example, he didn’t have his wings when he debuted, which he’d eventually get when Black Panther noticed him and had the wings and flight harness made for him. He was also established as someone with powers over birds, the origins of which have changed many times over the years.

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Sometimes, he got them from the Cosmic Cube when Red Skull used it on him, other times it was because he was a mutant. He also spent time as Captain America, which saw him add the shield to his repertoire and lose his falcon Redwing. Falcon’s always been in flux and his abilities are no different.

1 Carol Danvers’ Power Grew Immensely

Most people forget that when Carol Danvers first debuted, she was Captain Marvel’s sidekick. She sort of struck out on her own as Ms. Marvel, her Kree powers awakening, and eventually, she’d join the Avengers and come into her own. A fight with Rogue would lead to her losing her powers and she would start to hang out with the X-Men, gaining immense cosmic energy manipulating powers as Binary, joining the Starjammers.

She’d hang out in space as Binary for a while before regaining her old powers and heading back to Earth, where those powers would start getting weaker. Eventually, that would stop and she would become a greater and greater hero until she reached the zenith of her powers and took up the mantle of Captain Marvel, becoming one of the most powerful Captain Marvels of all.

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