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Sasuke is, without a doubt, one of the most important characters in the entire Naruto franchise. His actions move the plot in drastic ways, causing some of the major conflicts throughout the series. His bonds with Naruto and Sakura drive the two forward, pushing them through the worst of fights.

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Despite his vital role in the story, there are few times where can be considered a hero. Throughout most of the series, though, he is a major antagonist, if not an all-out villain. Even after he redeems himself at the end, he has caused so much destruction and pain that it is hard for fans to see him in a better light.

9 He Centers His Life Around Revenge

From his very introduction, Sasuke is bent on avenging his fallen clan. Even at such a young age, this goal has already turned into an obsession for him. It leaves him cold and unfeeling towards others, including his teammates, Naruto and Sakura.

Though he does warm up as time goes on, he remains focused on revenge. As the series goes on, this never changes in him. His need for revenge takes him down a very dark path that he doesn’t turn back from for years to come.

8 He Values Power Over Friends & Loved Ones

When Team 7 forms, Sasuke finds a sense of comradery with Naruto and Sakura. After each mission, the bond between them becomes stronger. Even though he comes to value them both, his true goal never leaves his sight. He eventually concludes that in order to become powerful enough to achieve his revenge, he has to sever his ties with the ones he holds dearest.

Once he becomes a rogue ninja, this lust for power only gets stronger. His love for his team never truly goes away, but he buries it deep inside of him as he goes on to commit the most atrocious acts against those he once called friends.

7 He Betrays His Village & Joins Orochimaru

By the end of the Chunin Exams arc, Sasuke decides he has no choice but to leave Konoha. After his encounter with Orochimaru, he feels that following him is the only way to become stronger. His decision to leave the Hidden Leaf is a huge blow to everyone, especially to Naruto and Sakura.

They refuse to accept this abandonment and do everything they can to bring him back. Unfortunately, this betrayal is only the beginning as Sasuke becomes more and more villainous with every decision he makes.

6 He Has No Loyalty

Sasuke shows early on that he has very little loyalty towards his comrades. Starting when he leaves the village, he decides that close bonds are worthless to him. This carries on after he joins Orochimaru, showing little care for his teammates, such as Karin and the rest of Taka.

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Though this team reminds him of his time on Team 7, he ultimately abandons them too, filled with hatred and a desire to destroy Konoha. He lets his anger corrupt him further, to the point where he seems beyond saving, even to those closest to him.

5 He Tries To Kill Karin

Even after he betrays Taka, Karin remains loyal to Sasuke. Her love for him kept her longing to stay by his side. Finding her to be useful, Sasuke keeps her as a companion. However, during the battle with Danzo, Sasuke has no problem sacrificing Karin in order to kill him.

He stabs right through her, leaving her in critical condition. As cruel as this is, he takes it a step further when he claims Karin is no longer of use to him. Sasuke is ready to kill Karin right then and there and would have succeeded, if not for Sakura’s intervention.

4 He Decides To Avenge Itachi By Destroying Konoha

After Sasuke discovers the truth about the night when Itachi slaughtered their clan, Sasuke is fueled by even more hatred than before. However, he completely misses the point of why Itachi kept him alive, believing it is his sworn duty to eliminate the village responsible for the end of the Uchihas.

He goes against everything his brother tried to do in his final moments and redirects his revenge onto Konoha. In doing so, he becomes even crueler than before as he makes an enemy out of the land Itachi gave his life to protect.

3 He Tries To Kill His Old Team

The further Sasuke goes down his dark path of villainy, the more murderous he becomes. It reaches a boiling point where he turns completely on his former teammates. Throughout Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke tries to kill Naruto, Sakura, and even Kakashi on several occasions. He tells them constantly to give up on him and that they mean nothing to him now.

He longs for them to turn on him, so he can finally have nothing to lose and nothing to stop him from exacting his revenge. His actions are cold and cause Team 7 to continue to suffer, making it hard to see Sasuke as anything but a bad guy.

2 He Wants To Kill Naruto Even After The Battle With Kaguya

By the end of the series, it seems that Team 7 is finally back together. Sasuke teams up with Naruto and Sakura in the final battle against Kaguya Otsutsuki. Even after everything they go through, they pick up right where they left off and seamlessly work together to defeat her. When it feels like everything is right with the world, at last, Sasuke shocks everyone by saying he still means to destroy Konoha, not for revenge but to rewrite the Shinobi world.

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Though they just fought together as comrades, Sasuke decides he will kill Naruto then and there to begin his plan. This sudden change gives fans whiplash, showing that despite it all, Sasuke has still learned nothing. His resolve makes it hard to believe his change of heart when he finally gets redemption at the end.

1 He Abandons His Family

Even after redeeming himself, Sasuke still is a lone wolf and abandons everyone yet again. This time, at least, he leaves them for the sake of atoning for his sins. However, this atonement journey carries on long into his and Sakura’s marriage. Their poor daughter Sarada grows up never even knowing him for twelve long years in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Though he does eventually come back around, this is typical for Sasuke. His past crimes have long since been forgiven and forgotten, but it seems that some things never change.

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