Spider-Man 3 Theory Suggests No Way Home’s Villains May Be Skrulls

Spider-Man: No Way Home is seemingly the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most ambitious endeavor since Avengers: Endgame. Not only will this see Peter Parker exploring the multiverse, but some of his deadliest villains are also returning. However, the villains in question faced totally different Spider-Men, such as Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock. With rumors that more enemies will return along with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, things seem too good to be true — and they might be. One theory to consider is that the past villains in No Way Home could be an elaborate illusion from the Skrulls.

Spider-Man: Far From Home reintroduced Talos and his wife, Soren, from Captain Marvel, as the Skrulls impersonated Nick Fury and Maria Hill throughout the movie. The after-credits scene revealed how well the Skrulls can blend into normal society with enough training and perfectly teased why the upcoming Secret Invasion series is such a big deal. But without fully knowing how far the Skrulls’ influence goes, it’s hard to say what they haven’t already infiltrated.

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For example, whatever is left of SHIELD is clearly being headed, or at least partially run, by the Skrulls. The other half of the organization is still being managed by Nick Fury, who has taken his interests to the stars and now commands a space station of Skrulls. When his location was revealed in Far From Home, the cause for it was not disclosed. Now, with the multiverse confirmed to exist at this point, it’s possible Fury could be exploring the multiverse or whatever repercussions its creation had on the galaxy. Therefore, he could very well be on the ground floor of all the multiversal incursions happening in the MCU.

That being said, there are also risks with commanding a ship full of Skrulls. While Talos and his people are trustworthy, those that have come since may be more malicious or self-serving. As a result, whatever they learn or discover could easily be stolen and used to their own benefit to lead a takeover and kickoff the Secret Invasion. This could begin with the multiversal appearances of Doc Ock and the like.

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Considering how connected the Skrulls are, thanks to their infiltration skills, they could easily take characters like Doc Ock the moment they reach this new reality in No Way Home and replace them with Skrulls. Also, considering Ock’s latest tentacles are red and harken back to Stark Tech, the Skrulls could easily retrofit new arms to one of their own using previous designs from the original. Since they’ve never been in the MCU, these variants could be the easiest to copy.

While the idea is a lot to take in at once, many factors add credence to the idea. For starters, the Secret Invasion is a significant event, and it’s hard to know who has and hasn’t already been replaced. To take variants along with other heroes makes incredible sense for the Skrulls. Their infiltration could also explain Doctor Strange’s admittedly peculiar behavior in the No Way Home trailer. For now, much remains unknown, but it’s clear that the Skrull threat is still out there and could be making moves with each MCU entry.

Find out the truth behind Spider-Man’s most fearsome foes when Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on Dec. 17.

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