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One of the most surprising romances to emerge from HBO Max’s live-action DC television series Titans makes its way to the world of comics in the upcoming third issue of DC Comics’ Titans United.

In the recently-concluded third season of Titans, Superboy (Joshua Orpin) begins a relationship with none other than Starfire’s sister Komand’r, better known as Blackfire (Damaris Lewis). This unexpected connection is echoed in an official preview for Titans United #3, which is slated to hit comic shops this Tuesday, Nov. 9.

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Titans United is a seven-part limited series that is set in DC’s comic book universe, but also serves as a companion to HBO Max’s Titans, bringing certain elements from the screen over to the page. Written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Jose Luis and Jonas Trindade, Titans United #3 features a main cover by Jamal Campbell, as well as a variant cover by Kael Ngu.

In the preview provided by DC, Superboy has been restrained by someone who he doesn’t recognize at first, but quickly (and with some pretty big clues) deduces to be Blackfire. “I prefer Komand’r… But I’ll forgive you, just this once,” Blackfire says. “You intrigue, me little Kryptonian.”

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Blackfire then kisses Superboy, who is taken aback by the action. Nevertheless, Superboy declares that he is not a Kryptonian — though Blackfire deduces that he isn’t exactly human either. When the Tamaranean asks if Superboy is the “best of both worlds,” Superboy says, No… The worst.”

As for the rest of the issue, the full synopsis for Titans United #3 explains that while a de-powered Superboy gets acquainted with Blackfire, “Raven, Red Hood and Donna Troy are on the trail of coldhearted killer Lady Vic.” Meanwhile, there’s Best Boy, who wants nothing more than to “enjoy his milkshake in peace.”

  • Written by CAVAN SCOTT
  • Variant cover by KAEL NGU
  • $3.99 US | 32 PGS | 3 of 7 | $4.99 US Variant (Card Stock)
  • ON SALE 11/9/21
  • Raven, Red Hood, and Donna Troy are on the trail of coldhearted killer Lady Vic! How long before bullets start to fly? Meanwhile, Conner Kent has a close encounter with Tamaranean royalty. But with his powers lost, can he survive? And Beast Boy? All Beast Boy wants to do is enjoy his milkshake in peace!

Written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Jose Luis and Jonas Trindade, Titans United #3 goes on sale Nov. 9 from DC Comics.

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Source: DC Comics

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