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One of the more notable recent additions to the Marvel Universe in the pages of Avengers is the cosmic superhero Voyager, who played a pivotal role in the weekly storylines Avengers: No Surrender and its follow-up Avengers: No Road Home. As the daughter of the Grandmaster, Voyager reshaped Earth’s memories to make them believe she was a founding member of her reality’s incarnation of the Avengers before teaming up with the team in real epic adventures for the fate of the Marvel Universe.

Now, we’re taking a quick look back at this cosmic hero, from her impressive powers and abilities to how she became a certified member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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Avengers Voyager

Created in 2018’s Avengers #675 by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub and Pepe Michael Allred, Voyager was the superhero alter ego of Va Nee Gast, the daughter of the omnipotent cosmic figure the Grandmaster.

As part of Grandmaster’s ongoing contest against Challenger to retain his title among the Elders of the Universe, Grandmaster empowered his daughter with various superpowers, including the ability to teleport and alter memories. With Earth selected as the battleground between the two Elders, Voyager was tasked by her father to infiltrate the Avengers as they whisked the planet away from its current position in the Marvel Universe.

Appearing among the displaced Avengers, Voyager convinced the team that she was Valerie Vector, a founding member of the team who had seemingly died while battling against Victory the Electromagnetic Man. Voyager claimed she had instead been removed from existence and the displacement of Earth had resulted in her sudden return to rejoin her former teammates.

Inspired by the team’s selfless heroics as they fought Challenger’s Black Order, Voyager rebelled against her father after convincing the team that she truly fought on the side of heroes after rally them to save the World-Engine from Challenger. Following the conclusion of No Surrender, Voyager was formally offered a place on the team but declined vowing to earn her place on the team while opposing Grandmaster.


Voyager’s impressive powers of teleportation appear to be linked to quantum entanglement, creating a portal field that transports herself and anyone with her to anywhere she desires. The ability is visibly physically taxing on Voyager, requiring her to rest after a handful of teleportations. Similarly, the number of individuals involved in a given teleportation also increases the strain on Voyager; after teleporting nearly two dozen characters, Voyager collapsed from the sudden physical exhaustion involved.

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One of Voyager’s more distinct powers is her ability to manipulate memories, inserting herself into classic moments in Avengers’ history, causing the team to believe that she had been present for years, ever since the team’s founding battle against Loki. This power only works on organic beings as she had been unable to trick Vision and, once the truth behind any manipulation have been revealed, its effects quickly fade away from its target’s memories.

Voyager in Avengers: No Road Home

Just as Voyager had largely kicked off the events of No Surrender, the character returned for its follow-up No Road Home. After an attack on Mount Olympus decimated the Marvel Universe’s pantheon of Greek Gods, Voyager forms a new team consisting of Hercules, Hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon, Vision, Blue Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Hulk, Spectrum and Toni Ho to investigate, leading them to a confrontation against Nyx, the living embodiment of darkness within the Marvel Universe.

By the end of the story and its climactic battle, Voyager revealed that her deepest desire was in fact to truly become an Avenger herself, leading her to launch the epic “Avengers Assemble” battle cry to rally the team to defeat Nyx once and for all, finally earning her place on the team as the Marvel Universe saw a rebirth of its pantheon.

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