FANTASTIC FOUR Director Josh Trank Says There’s “No Need” To #ReleaseTheTrankCut Of 2015 Flop

Fantastic Four was released in 2015, but everything director Josh Trank had planned for the movie went out of the window after Fox decided to reshoot most of it, a decision which led to an uneven tone, a ridiculous wig, and a major box office flop. It’s thought Simon Kinberg might have been behind those, but he perhaps got his comeuppance with Dark Phoenix

With Zack Snyder’s Justice League getting a release on HBO Max, there’s been a great deal of chatter about other superhero movies ruined by studio execs, including Suicide Squad (#ReleaseTheAyerCut) and, believe it or not, Fantastic Four (#ReleaseTheTrankCut). 

When a fan suggested it was time to start campaigning for the latter, Trank issued a short and simple response: “No need.” At this stage, it seems the filmmaker has moved on, and that’s evident from his new film, Capone (which recently grossed over $2.5 million on VOD platforms). 

Trank has talked openly about Fantastic Four‘s failings in recent months, including in a recent interview with CBM’s own, Josh Wilding which you can read HERE. In that, he talks about taking control of his future filmmaking endeavours after the difficult time he had working with Fox.

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