JUSTICE LEAGUE: Zack Snyder Is Working On A Trailer For The Movie…And It May Be Coming Soon!

The closest we currently have to a trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League is the one that was released during Comic-Con back in 2016. Now, though, it sounds like work is already being done on a teaser promoting the Director’s Cut of the movie which is coming to HBO Max in 2021. 

As you might expect, Snyder is being bombarded by fan questions over on his Vero account, with the majority asking when we’ll get a sneak peek. Issuing a simple response to one fan, the filmmaking simply said “working on it,” and followed that with an emoji of a face wearing sunglasses when asked if we can expect to see it soon. 

Something tells us that it’s probably on the way in that case, though it could depend on when those unfinished scenes are done (however, there could be many we didn’t see in theaters that are complete). 

With Warner Bros. spending between $20 million – $30 million on putting the finishing touches to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, we can likely expect a huge marketing campaign, because the studio will want to recoup those costs by massively driving up the number of subscribers HBO Max has. 

For now, you can relive that awesome Comic-Con trailer for Justice League below: