LOGAN Director James Mangold Supports Hugh Jackman Returning As Wolverine In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Logan was released in 2017 to overwhelmingly positive reviews, and while some fans were disappointed with the film not adapting Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s Old Man Logan, it proved to be a fitting finale for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

You might think that filmmaker James Mangold would be protective of the character after ending his story, but he has no problem with the X-Man returning in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, providing the story is right and it’s something which does the Australian actor’s Wolverine justice. 

“I’d be startled that Hugh was strapping it on again,” he admitted to ComicBook.com“The thing that I always want to know when I hear this is obviously, on the web, everyone trades in rumors. So, the nugget or the headline becomes the clickbait in the trade so that it would be, ‘Downey’s back,’ or ‘Jackman’s back,’ would be the headline, which people would then debate.”

“What I’d be curious about if any one of these things happened would be, what are they doing with it? Meaning, I would have no qualm about it if someone had a good idea,” he continued. “If it’s basically, ‘I ran out of money and I needed a big paycheck, and I’m doing an empty film that cheapens the quality of the previous.’ Well, that would be its own sadness.”

Jackman has now said on multiple occasions that he’s hung up his claws and moved on from playing the X-Men character, so it would take a lot for Marvel Studios to convince the actor to return.

If he does, Mangold is unlikely to be involved, but he definitely sounds intrigued by the prospect. 

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