STRANGER THINGS Star Millie Bobby Brown Addresses Rumors That She’s Been Cast In Marvel’s THE ETERNALSSTRANGER THINGS Star Millie Bobby Brown Addresses Rumors That She’s Been Cast In Marvel’s THE ETERNALS

We’ve been hearing rumours for a while now that Millie Bobby Brown could be set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Variety claimed earlier this week that the Stranger Things star is indeed set to appear in The Eternals (where it’s thought that she could be taking on the role of Sprite). 

Well, the Godzilla: King of the Monsters star has now taken to Instagram to deny those reports. 


“Everybody thinks I’m going to be in a Marvel movie,” she said. “Not that I know of. My family and I have no idea. So I just want to let everyone know…that I’m not as of right now.”

There’s a chance she could be telling a little white lie, of course, but if she has been cast in The Eternals, it would probably make more sense for the actress to say nothing rather than address the rumours head on and lie to her loyal fanbase! You can hear Brown’s comments in the video below: 

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It appears as if The Eternals‘ big bad will be Druig, a character introduced in the pages of Eternals #11 in 1977. Despite being a Jack Kirby creation, it was actually Neil Gaiman who put this guy on the map. In the comics, he can manipulate matter and energy and served as an agent of the KGB once upon a time, something which could give this movie a big link to Black Widow. 


An unknown male character who is described only as “a Greek God.” This has to be the big screen debut of fan-favourite Avenger Hercules, right? That’s just speculation for now but seems likely.


No one knows who this is supposed to be but there’s a lot of speculation that “Karen” is, in fact, a codename for a big name character from the comics fans won’t be expecting to see here. 

Apparently, Marvel is looking to cast an actress in her early 30s and they’re open to any nationality or ethnicity but particularly Middle Eastern, African and Native American. She’s said to be powerful with a timeless quality and a leader. In other words, she can kick ass but also has a warmth to her. 


A lead female aged 10 – 16, Poper is said to be strong and charismatic, and boasts a magnetic personality. 

Marvel is looking for something with an athletic background who is wise beyond her years, articulate, and quick-witted. The site believes that this is actually going to be a new take on Sprite. 


Actresses between the ages of 20 – 40 are being looked at for this character and, in the comics, she has enhanced strength, speed, and durability. She also commands griffin-like creatures via her limited telepathic abilities and was created by ISAAC, a sentient computer system on Titan. 

That obviously means Marvel could tie her origin story into Thanos and it’s worth noting that she was once romantically linked to Mar-Vell, so that could be a Captain Marvel connection as well. 


Marvel is looking for a male between 25 – 45 for Gilgamesh, a character who became an outcast from his fellow Eternals when his meddling in the human world became too much for them. 

As a result, he was banished to a sector of Olympus but later returned to their side. He’s probably the most skilled hand-to-hand combatant in the entire group and uses an array of weapons.


Born over 20,000 years ago, Ikaris’ powers are rooted in cosmic energy and he has psychic abilities and the power to create illusions. Marvel is eying actors in the 20 – 40 range which is a wide net.



Another male actor age 25 – 45 is being hunted down for the Olympian hero who is a member of the Eternals Technologist’s Guild and skilled at dreaming up various high-speed vehicles. He boasts your standard set of superpowers but will more than likely be used in a tech support capacity to get this group of weird and wonderful individuals around the cosmos! 


A fourth generation member of the Eternals, Marvel is hoping to find a woman aged 20 – 40 for the hero and she promises to be one of the most interesting parts about this movie, especially as she has a strong desire to live among the humans. She’s also incredibly powerful as Sersi can only be killed if her atoms are scattered and it would take someone very powerful indeed to achieve that. 



We’ve heard a number of times that there will be links to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe in this movie and this has to be one of the biggest. Apparently, Marvel is looking for an actor 25 – 45 to play Eros of Titan, a.k.a. Starfox.

The brother of the Mad Titan, they grew up together but unlike his brother, he was a fun-loving womanizer and can harness cosmic powers to fly through space and, bizarrely, can even stimulate the pleasure centres of people to make them more susceptible for seduction. That’s probably something we won’t see too much of in the movie but time will tell…


One of the Eternals of Olympia, Thena is a warrior who has your standard enhanced abilities but is also near invulnerable and immortal. She can fly and cast illusions to disguise her appearance, while she carries a bow that fires arrows made up of “cold energy” which bombards enemies either with a ring of fire or anti-gravitons. Marvel is looking for an actress between 20 – 40.



A character with plenty of history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he can create force shields, manipulate molecules, and fly at subsonic speeds. He once vied to lead the Eternals and ended up ruling over them on Earth. There’s a lot Marvel could do with the character and his history is lengthy!