SUPERMAN’s New Suit In The Upcoming CW Spinoff Series Has Seemingly LEAKED Online

SUPERMAN's New Suit In The Upcoming CW Spinoff Series Has Seemingly <font color=red>LEAKED</font> Online”></p>
<h2><span id=Superman & Lois was recently given a series order by The CW and now some concept art has seemingly leaked online showing the redesigned, Rebirth-inspired costume Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel will wear…

The CW recently made the unprecedented move of ordering Superman & Lois to series before a pilot has even been shot and work is clearly well underway on the show based on this leaked piece of concept art. As you can see below, it shows a new costume for Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel which appears to have been inspired, to some extent, by the “Rebirth” era of comic books. 

It’s now a lot brighter and not quite so similar in nature to the suit which is worn by Supergirl. 

Look closely and you’ll notice that Keith Lau appears to be responsible for this new design and the concept artist has also come up with the costumes for characters like Green Arrow, Black Canary, Spartan, and the Anti-Monitor. Unfortunately, the hero’s underwear hasn’t found its way outside of his costume! 

Many fans were hoping that would be the case in this spinoff but a bigger talking point after Crisis on Infinite Earths is the fact Clark now has TWO sons as a result of Earth-Prime being created. There’s speculation that one of them will be Damian Wayne but we’ll obviously have to wait and see. 

What are your thoughts on this version of Superman’s suit?

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