UNCHARTED Set Photos Reveal A First Look At Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake And Mark Wahlberg’s Sully

Uncharted has been shooting in Berlin, Germany, for a while now, but we’re assuming most of the action has been filmed behind closed doors as it’s only now that set photos are starting to find their way online. Stars Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg were spotted and, well, they’re looking rather suave! 

This isn’t what fans expect from the duo, of course, but as the banner above proves, their video game counterparts do occasionally get dressed up when the occasion calls for it. 

We don’t really get a clear shot of Holland’s Nathan Drake, but the biggest disappointment has to be the fact that Wahlberg’s version of Sully doesn’t have his familiar moustache. Here’s hoping that changes by the time the credits roll, but it’s far from a deal breaker when this movie is very much its own thing.

Seemingly unrelated to the games and set during a period they haven’t explored, Uncharted is either going to be great or completely fail to live up to the iconic franchise it’s based on. Right now, it’s too soon to say, and we don’t know when we’ll be getting a first look at this adaptation.

Check out the set photos below: