Marvel Avengers Video Game Trailer Destroys Golden Gate Bridge

Just released at E3, is the Marvel’s Avengers video game trailer which sees Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and more defending the Golden Gate bridge as it gets destroyed.

The story kicks off with San Francisco celebrating “A-Day,” and the new West Coast Avengers headquarters as well as the team’s Hellicarrier that is outfitted with a strange energy source; however, the day turns deadly when there is an attempt to steal the new technology, which results in massive destruction.

The Avengers are then blamed for the tragedy and are outlawed, with the heroes dispatched.

Five years later our only hope is to reassemble the Avengers.

It’s noted the story is original and unique to the game, which sees players take control of the Avengers.

The game gets released May 15, 2020; sign up for beta at


Marvel Avengers Video Game

Marvel Avengers Video Game