Merle Dandridge Joins HBO’s ‘The Last Of Us’ Series As Marlene

She also played the character in the games.

HBO’s The Last of Us show has cast Merle Dandridge in the role of Marlene for the live-action adaptation of the PlayStation game.

It was only in April that it was announced that Gabriel Luna had joined The Last of Us TV series for HBO, but now another star has been recruited for the post-apocalyptic thriller. Based on the games of the same name, the series will follow Pedro Pascal’s Joel as he smuggles a young girl, Bella Ramsey’s Ellie, across the U.S. for a band of survivors called the Fireflies. And now the show has brought Merle Dandridge aboard to play the Fireflies’ leader; Marlene.

For those of you who’ve played The Last of Us, Merle Dandridge might seem familiar… Mainly, because she played the character in the original game and in its 2020 follow-up It seems like she’ll be the only actor to jump across from the games over into live-action. Audiences might’ve recently seen Merle Dandridge in The Flight Attendant, where she played one of the FBI agents hunting Alex Sokolov’s killer.

What do you make of Merle Dandridge joining the series to play Marlene in live-action? Are you excited to see how the game translates into TV? Sound-off in the comments below!

The Last of Us centers on the relationship between a smuggler named Joel and 14-year-old Ellie, the latter of whom may be the key to curing the deadly pandemic that resulted in the post-apocalypse world of the game. Hired to smuggle Ellie out of a quarantine zone, Joel finds himself relying on the teenage girl just as much as she relies on him as they fight to survive on their journey across the United States. The HBO adaptation will cover the events of the first game, with the second game potentially surviving as the basis for additional content.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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