RUMOR: Ryan Gosling Has Talked To Marvel About Playing The MCU’s Nova

Is Ryan Gosling joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe? A new rumor suggests Marvel Studios wants the Barbie actor to play one of its most iconic heroes.

Late last year a report suggested that Ryan Gosling was in talks with Marvel Studios to play a new superhero. While the role was being kept under wraps at the time, Hollywood insider DanielRPK suggests that Gosling could join the MCU as Nova, one of the elite members of the Nova Corps featured in films like Guardians of the Galaxy.

Given there have been rumors for years that Nova would be getting his own project, Ryan Gosling’s MCU involvement may be exactly what Marvel needs to finally get it off the ground. It also doesn’t hurt that the cosmic side of the MCU seems to have a lacking future with Guardians of the Galaxy ending its trilogy in 2023, leaving a path open for a whole new world beyond the stars.

Who Is Nova In Marvel Comics?

While it’s unclear which version of Nova Ryan Gosling would play if he did join the MCU, Marvel Studios most likely cast him as Richard Rider, the most famous Nova Corps hero and a former member of the Avengers, as well as a consistent presence in the cosmic side of Marvel Comics.

Unlike many Marvel heroes, Richard Rider didn’t have an exceptional upbringing. He wasn’t particularly gifted in anything, simply being your average person. That all changed when a dying member of the Nova Corps, Rhomann Dey, fled to Earth. Upon encountering Rider, Rhomann Dey gifted him the powers of the Nova Force, turning him into the superhero known as Nova.

Nova would have a prolific run in the comics, becoming a founding member of The New Warriors and playing a key role in the Annihilation event across Marvel Comics. The character was eventually killed during a mission into the Cancerverse with Star-Lord, leading to Sam Alexander taking up the mantle of Nova.

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