Acid Chimp vs. Business Dog Preview Teases an AHOY Crossover Showdown

AHOY Comics has released and official preview for its upcoming crossover one-shot Acid Chimp vs. Business Dog.

Acid Chimp vs. Business Dog #1 arrives in comic shops this coming Wednesday from writers Mark Russell and Bryce Ingman and artists Peter Krause and Steve Pugh. It features a main cover by Pugh and a variant by Krause. As its title implies, the anniversary one-shot pits Acid Chimp from My Bad against Business Dog from Billionaire Island. At this time, AHOY has shared five fully-lettered preview pages.

Check out the preview for Acid Chimp vs. Business Dog #1 below:

An official synopsis for Acid Chimp vs. Business Dog reads as follows: “AHOY’s breakout animal stars come muzzle-to-muzzle in this fifth-anniversary one-shot! Business Dog from BILLIONAIRE ISLAND controls the wealth of nations! Acid Chimp from MY BAD has been abducted by crooks who want him to kill the canine trillionaire with corrosive acid! And why wouldn’t he? Splashing acid is the only thing that Acid Chimp enjoys!”

The origins of Acid Chimp and Business Dog

Acid Chimp originates from My Bad, a superhero spoof by Russell, Ingman, and Krause that launched at AHOY in November 2021. The series centers on the Emperor King — a supervillain who seeks to torment his two arch-nemeses, The Accelerator and The Chandelier. My Bad originally ran for five issues through March 2022. A sequel series subsequently ran for five issues from November 2022 to March 2023.

Meanwhile, Business Dog originates from Billionaire Island, another satirical series by Russell and Pugh. The aptly-titled comic is about an island inhabited by the ultra-wealthy. It initially ran for six issues from March 2020 to September 2020. A second six-issue series titled Billionaire Island: Cult of Dogs ran from November 2022 to April 2023.

Acid Chimp vs. Business Dog #1 goes on sale Wednesday, January 10 from AHOY Comics.

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