Amazon Is Folding the Comixology App Into the Kindle One

Amazon has confirmed that, as of next month, the Comixology app will no longer exist as a standalone application. Rather, the digital comic reader will be part of the company’s main Kindle app moving forward.

The Comixology app is set to merge with the Kindle app on Monday, December 4. “Today, we are announcing to customers that we are merging the Comixology app into the Kindle app on iOS, Android, and Fire OS. Currently, 93% of comics, graphic novel, and manga customers are reading via Kindle and the Kindle app, and Kindle reading is where a majority of our customers have been for years,” Comixology general manager Jeff DiBartolomeo said in a statement (via The Beat).

“The upgraded Kindle app experience is already available and has key Comixology features for enjoying a digital library of comics, graphic novels, and manga, including grouping titles by series; hiding and unhiding specific titles; library filtering for comics content; in-app borrowing for users of our unlimited subscription services; and additional options to read on the web,” DiBartolomeo continued. “Customers can continue reading their books in the Comixology app until December 4. Focusing on the Kindle app improves our customer experience and advances our mission to make everyone on the planet a life-long comics, graphic novel, or manga fan.”

Comixology’s Amazon integration continues

Amazon’s decision to fold the Comixology app into the Kindle one is hardly surprising (especially if only 7% of comic readers were actually using the former). It was just last year that Amazon took down the Comixology website and migrated the desktop version of the service to its main storefront.

The transition was far from a smooth one, however. After the changeover, users lamented the removal of key features and other widespread technical issues. Following the outcry, Amazon pledged to improve the Comixology experience on both its website and the (soon-to-be-defunct) app, and began rolling out updates.

Then, earlier this year, Amazon laid off approximately 75% of Comixology’s staff, only keeping on a small crew that would continue to oversee the migration. The Beat reports that said crew concluded its work last month. However, there is still a “stable team” of comic-focused staffers within Amazon, with DiBartolomeo at the helm.

Despite all the changes, Comixology as a brand is expected to carry on for the foreseeable future. To that end, the Comixology Originals program will continue, as will the Comixology Unlimited subscription program. Users will also still be able to use the service as a means to purchase digital comic books.

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