Batman Beyond: Year One Teaser Previews Live-Action DC Fan Film

A teaser trailer for Batman Beyond: Year One, a new live-action fan film centered around Terry McGinnis, has been released.

Posted on Lumis Entertainment’s YouTube page, the Batman Beyond: Year One teaser previews a new fan film featuring iconic DC characters like Terry, The Joker, The Royal Flush Gang, and more.

Watch the Batman Beyond: Year One teaser below:

What is Batman Beyond: Year One about?

“The year is 2050,” the synopsis reads.  It’s been years since the Batman’s disappearance. Gotham has rebuilt itself as a city of the future, now known as Neo Gotham. It’s booming with neon lights, technology of tomorrow and brand-new villains running the streets in the absence of the caped crusader. That is, until a young Terry McGinnis discovers an elderly Bruce Wayne’s identity as the Batman and takes it upon himself to take the mantle. Our story follows Terry several months after becoming Batman. While he’s received some training, he’s still a fairly new crime fighter. A crime organization known as the Royal Flush Gang, longtime enemies of Bruce, has recently resurfaced in Gotham with a new family in charge. Join us as we watch Terry’s journey continue to unfold.”

Batman Beyond: Year One is written and directed by Michael Yu. Additional credits include Ian Hussey as cinematographer, Jay Kwon as action designer, Susanna Song as costume designer, Marc de Bertier as production designer, Vanessa Lee as super suit factory, Luke Gibleon as sound designer, Alexander Arntzen as composer, Neil Craig and Nick Lund-Ulrich as VFX supervsior, while Gc5 FX is the suit costumer.

The actors playing Terry and Bruce Wayne are not being revealed at this time. Additional cast for Batman Beyond: Year One includes Isabelle Hahn, Tony Vittorioso, Bruce Inaba, Dayna Huor, Justin Vancho, Fiona Dorn, D.Y. Sao, Erin Miller, and Koki Tomlinson.

Having been filmed in April, Batman Beyond: Year One has started an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the film’s post-production and visual effects. Click here to support the campaign or for more information.

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