Dal and Rok-Tahk Activate the USS Protostar in Star Trek: Prodigy Clip

We are inches away from the debut of Star Trek: Prodigy. The upcoming animated Star Trek series will introduce new characters in the fan-favorite franchise and bring back the familiar face of Kathryn Janeway. The captain of the USS Voyager, voiced by Kate Mulgrew, will serve as an emergency training program aboard on an abandoned Starfleet ship called USS Protostar. Today, the producers dropped a sneak peek from the series premiere featuring Rylee Alazraqui’s Rok-Tahk and Brett Gray’s Dal. The red Brikar hesitantly turns on the ship in the video while his aggressive companion looks more at ease in dreaming of new adventures.

And then the universal translator surprises them both.

You can watch the Star Trek: Prodigy clip in the player below.

Per the official description, the show “will follow a motley crew of young aliens who must figure out how to work together while navigating a greater galaxy, in search for a better future. These six young outcasts know nothing about the ship they have commandeered – a first in the history of the Star Trek Franchise – but over the course of their adventures together, they will each be introduced to Starfleet and the ideals it represents.”

Star Trek Prodigy will hit Paramount+ on October 28.

What do you think about the character posters for Prodigy? What do you expect from the upcoming show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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