Daniel Warren Johnson’s Space-Mullet Gets a Remastered Print Edition in 2024

Writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson’s sci-fi webcomic Space-Mullet is getting a remastered print edition from Image Comics.

Per Image, the new Space-Mullet trade paperback arrives in bookstores on July 9, 2024 and in comic shops on July 10, 2024. The book promises to re-introduce Johnson’s “epic, intergalactic tale” to readers — complete with “remastered lettering” and an “all-new, never-before-printed chapter.”

“When I started Space-Mullet, I had just quit my steady teaching job, had no money, and DEFINITELY no work in the comics industry,” Johnson said. “This book was me throwing everything I had at trying to prove to the comics world I could make something special. The pages are humble, but are a huge foundation for what made me the artist I am now. See proto-DWJ come to life in these pages!!!”

In the years since his humble beginnings, Johnson has made quite a name for himself in the comic book sphere. He’s worked on books like Beta Ray Bill: Argent Star for Marvel Comics, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth for DC, and Do a Powerbomb for Image. He currently writes and draws Skybound Entertainment’s Transformers series, which Image publishes.

What is Space-Mullet about?

Image describes Space-Mullet as a “sci-fi romp” perfect for fans of Firefly and Cowboy Bebop. The “episodic style comic” centers on “a washed up, Ex-Space Marine trucker named Jonah, and his alien co-pilot, Alphius. Together they do their best (and usually fail) to do good throughout the galaxy.”

The new Space-Mullet trade paperback goes on sale in July 2024 from Image Comics.

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