Dave Bautista Turned Down The Suicide Squad to Lead Army of the Dead

Fans were inches away from watching Dave Bautista debut in the DC Extended Universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor was in talks to star in the upcoming The Suicide Squad, where his long-time friend James Gunn is helming the direction in addition to penning the script. However, an obstacle got between Bautista and his reunion with Gunn (they both worked on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy). That obstacle was a leading role for the actor in Netflix’s upcoming Army of the Dead. And also the chance to work with Zack Snyder, something that Bautista has always dreamed of.

“James Gunn wrote a role for me in The Suicide Squad, which I was all fired up about, not only because he was making a huge comeback,” he said while talking with Digital Spy. “He’s come back with The Suicide Squad and was rehired by Marvel, and has really been vindicated as far as that whole thing went. I was all up for it, and then I got Army of the Dead, which was not only a lead role for me, but also I really wanted to work with Zack Snyder. I’ve been wanting to work with him for years.”

In the past, the actor said that he passed on a DC movie role, but he previously hadn’t gone into much detail about the missed opportunity. Even though Bautista had to say no to Gunn, it appears that the two are still on good terms. They will have the chance to work together again on the upcoming third volume of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Army of the Dead will hit select theaters on May 14 and debut on Netflix starting May 21.

Which role do you think Bautista would have played in The Suicide Squad? Let us know your guess in the comments section below.

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