Deadpool Trolls Hulu Posters to Celebrate His Movies Streaming

Deadpool may eventually show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but for now, his movies can’t appear on the MCU’s usual streaming home of Disney Plus. That’s because they both have R ratings, and for now, Disney Plus in the U.S. only shows PG-13 material and below. (And even then, as in the case of Splash or Adventures in Babysitting, they sometimes make changes.) So for now, Deadpool’s online streaming HQ must stay at Hulu, Disney’s usual outlet for more adult fare. And as with anything involving Ryan Reynolds’ merc with a mouth, that means new Deadpool trolls for publicity.

Happiest Season, Normal People, and Pen15 thus far now have key artwork into which Deadpool is inserted. The rather common tactic by Deadpool previously involved him showing up on cardboard slipcovers for other Fox DVD releases like Office Space and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. You can see the latest Deadpool trolls below:

It’s still possible that the PG-13 re-edit, Once Upon a Deadpool, could come to Disney Plus. But perhaps the Marvel braintrust want to wait and see how Deadpool 3 shakes out. Most fans agree that the PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 is by far the least of the three released edits.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the first two theatrical Deadpool films, or would like to revisit, Hulu beckons.

Will you rewatch Deadpool on Hulu? Let us know in comments.

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