Ex-Good Omens Co-Showrunner Also Departs Prime Video’s Anansi Boys

Writer and director Douglas Mackinnon — who was co-showrunner on two Prime Video TV series based on novels by Neil Gaiman — has now left both Good Omens and Anansi Boys.

As reported by Deadline, Mackinnon will retain credit on Anansi Boys as an executive producer, with additional credits on two of the miniseries’ six episodes, but he has not been involved as a showrunner since last November. A recent update from Gaiman, who was co-showrunner alongside Mackinnon, revealed that post-production on Anansi Boys is still moving along, although the show does not currently have a release date.

Douglas Mackinnon leaves Good Omens

Earlier this week, it was reported that Mackinnon would not return for the expected third and final season of Good Omens, on which he was a co-showrunner, executive producer, and director for the first two seasons. “I’m not involved with [Good Omens] anymore,” Mackinnon stated on social media. Gaiman commented elsewhere, “Douglas has moved on to other projects.”

Good Omens — starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen as the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale — is based on a novel written by Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett. The first and second seasons, each consisting of six episodes, are available to stream now on Prime Video. An official confirmation of Season 3, or a release window, has not been announced.

What is Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys?

Spinning out of Gaiman’s novel American Gods, Anansi Boys focuses on the son of the African spider god Anansi. Charlie Nancy, who will be played by Malachi Kirby in the TV adaptation, is a gentle, bumbling Englishman who is unaware of his godly heritage until shortly after his father’s funeral. He discovers he has a brother called Spider, who will also be portrayed by Kirby in the series.

At this time, it is not known if there will be a replacement for Mackinnon on either Good Omens or Anansi Boys.

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