Final Crisis on Infinite Earths Trailer Unites the Arrowverse

In just a matter of days, the Arrowverse will finally come together for Crisis on Infinite Earths. And based on its first trailer, it’s got a whole lot of challenges ahead of it.

As previously promised by consulting producer and writer Marc Guggenheim, the final trailer for Crisis made its debut today. It’s viewable below, and it brings together many heroes to fight against a devastating energy wave, wiping out everything in its path.

A number of familiar faces pop up in the trailer, including Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, the Flash and Arrow. But there’s a glimpse at some surprises as well, including Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne and Tom Welling’s Superman.

There’s also quite a bit of action as well, with many heroes unleashing their powers against unseen enemies. But the real question is if it’s enough. By the trailer’s conclusion, we see many of them fall in exhaustion, and Oliver drop his trademark bow in sheer disbelief. (It could be from what happens with Earth-38, which, spoiler, doesn’t look so good.)

This trailer follows a number of superhero-specific ones that aired on CW over the past week. They’re available here on YouTube, for those that want to catch up.

The five-episode mini-series event kicks off this Sunday on the CW. It’ll begin with a new episode of Supergirl, followed by Batwoman on December 9 and The Flash on December 10. Following that, it’ll take a hiatus until the New Year, with the following two episodes on January 14 on Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

What do you think about what’s set to take place in Crisis on Infinite Earths? Let us know in the comments below!

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