Gal Gadot Says Wonder Woman 3 Is Not Official Yet

The next few days will tell us a lot about Wonder Woman‘s future in the DC Extended Universe. While official stateside release of Wonder Woman 1984 happens this week, it appears that Diana Prince’s role in Warner Bros.’ plans is still nebulous. While talking with Variety, actress Gal Gadot confirmed that she would be more than happy to shoot a third Wonder Woman movie, adding that it would be “nice closure.” However, she also insisted that the deal is far from being done.

“We have no idea,” Gadot said. “You never know. I would love to do another one if the story is great and with Patty [Jenkins] of course. But I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.”

The actress’s words came after director Patty Jenkins revealed that she still doesn’t know if she will helm the direction for another franchise’s installment.

Gadot will don Diana Prince’s boots for the fourth time after debuting as the Amazonian warrior in 2016’s Batman v Superman and resuming her role in 2017’s Wonder Woman and Justice League. On the WW 1984 set, she reunited with Chris Prine, with whom she worked in the original. And they clicked on set again, despite never even having done a chemistry read for the first film.

“With Chris, it was super organic and it was such an easy back-and-forth, it felt like a dance,” the actress said while talking with EW. “We didn’t even feel like we were recreating something, we felt like we created it on the spot.”

In the US, Warner Bros. will release Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max on Christmas Day. At the same time, the movie will hit theatrical in areas where theaters are still allowed to open.

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