Gareth Edwards Addresses Thor 5 Directing Rumors

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story director Gareth Edwards set the record straight about the rumors surrounding his attachment to Thor 5.

“Saw those rumors, too, I saw it and I jokingly sent it to my girlfriend. Just texted her the link and said, ‘I didn’t want you to find out this way.’ I’ve never heard anything about it,” Edwards said in an interview with Post Credit Pod via X (formerly Twitter).

Edwards’ name became linked to the next Thor installment following Taika Waititi‘s announced exit from the franchise and rumors of Marvel Studios looking to take the God of Thunder into a darker direction. Thor star Chris Hemsworth was openly critical of Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder for staying too far into the comedic direction and the polarizing reception to the movie appeared to back up his assessment.

Who is Gareth Edwards?

Edwards earned universal acclaim for the dark and grounded tone he brought to the Star Wars franchise with Rogue One. Though Edwards faced challenges from Lucasfilm during post-production, Rogue One was a critical and commercial success in 2016. Additionally, his most recent release The Creator, despite its mediocre box office performance, was praised by critics for its dazzling visual effects and action sequences.

While Edwards has an appreciation for the MCU, his true desire is to create entirely new projects from the ground up. “I love those movies, I love Marvel,” Edwards added. “A lot of my friends work on Marvel films. I love all the other movies and franchises, I go to see them. I have most of them on my DVD/Blu-ray shelf. But I really want to keep pursuing original sci-fi. Was that a very politically correct answer? I never say never. In the right circumstances, absolutely.”

All four Thor movies are streaming on Disney+.

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