Ghostbusters 3-3/4 Inch Ecto-1 and Figures From Hasbro

Does it seem like there’s been a mysterious lack of new Ghostbusters merchandise surrounding the release of the most recent movie? We’ve gotten some cartoony versions of the current team, reissues of the old Kenner Fright Features characters, and…not much else. No more 6-inch figures from the Plasma Collection, for example. As it turns out, Hasbro‘s been working on an entirely new scale.

Who Ya Gonna Scale?

And why is that, exactly? Basically the same reason 3-3/4 inch developed as a scale in the first place. Namely, so that figures could sit inside vehicles that wouldn’t have to be impossibly huge. Neither Hasbro, Diamond, or Mattel before them ever managed to market a realistic, movie-styled Ecto-1 that would fit their movie-based figures (though there are several in animated style, and from larger, high-end import companies). Mattel tried to crowdfund one and couldn’t. Hasbro gave us a 1:18 scale version for the last movie, Afterlife, but no figures to fit inside.

Starting June 8th, which is observed as Ghostbusters Day, that changes. A 1:18 scaled Ecto-1 will be available to buy on Hasbro Pulse…and a set of four figures to fit inside will go up for preorder. In the classic style of the ’80s “O-ring” G.I. Joe figures, the four original Ghostbusters will feature swivel-arm battle grip, and come with proton packs that will store on the gurney inside the Ecto-1.

It may not be exactly what fans requested — yet another scale? — but it solves the problem of an Ecto-1 the movie characters can ride in, and that parents can afford without a payment plan. It also suggests more could be possible. More characters, certainly, but perhaps a refurbished Firehouse playset, like the old one for the Real Ghostbusters toys? R-C walking Statue of Liberty? Perhaps it depends on how many fans go all in for these.

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