Godzilla Minus One Figure Joins Super7’s Ultimates Line

Super7‘s Godzilla Ultimates action figure line has satisfied many a Toho fan looking to get a complete line of Godzilla movie variants along with quality figures of the many foes he faces. What we didn’t know, until now, is if the license included future projects, or whether it had to focus strictly on the back catalogue. Today, all was revealed: the Godzilla seen in the upcoming Godzilla Minus One will join the line, and it looks to be by far the most detailed figure yet, with a sculpt pulled directly from the digital models used in the new movie.

Stomp Collection

Like previous big G’s in the line, Godzilla Minus One stands about eight inches tall, with a segmented, fully articulated tail just over 14 inches tall. Because of the additional detail and deco, the only extra he comes with is an extra roaring head. Like other Super7 figures, he’ll be a preorder (beginning December 1st), but this time he’ll debut online at the official Godzilla store. It’s not clear if he’ll be 100% an exclusive, but let’s just say that based on the movie, there are more possible variants to be made. The price tag will be the usual $85 for extra-large Super7 Ultimates.

Godzilla Minus One reboots the mythology of the monster from the beginning, depicting him as a dinosaur-sized monster that terrorizes small islands, until U.S. atomic bomb tests mutate him into a building-sized threat with nuclear breath. Like a literal specter of World War II, Godzilla pursues a guilt-ridden, failed kamikaze pilot, who must rally an independent army of veterans to defeat the beast before it stomps all over every city in Japan. It’s effectively a remake of the original Gojira and well worth your time.

Now, you’ll be able to reenact it in the bathtub, or on miniature cityscapes, with the proper Godzilla design. Check out the official pics below.

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