Green Arrow #8 Preview Confirms Grant Morrison’s JLA Is Still Canon

The second Green Arrow, Connor Hawke, is a figure of some confusion in the Dawn of DC era. Originally introduced in 1994, it’s unclear how much of Hawke’s backstory is still canon. However, a new comic preview offers some insight, revealing Hawke’s time in Grant Morrison‘s Justice League is still canon.

Green Arrow #8 by Joshua Williamson and Phil Hester opens with Connor Hawke pondering the apparent death of Oliver Queen. His father and mentor was struck down by the villain Onomatopoeia. This leaves Connor wondering who he should tell about what just happened.

Check out the first-look preview of Green Arrow #8 below:

(Image Source; DC / Phil Hester)

New Green Arrow’s Justice League History Explained

As the younger Green Arrow considers his options, he ponders calling “Kyle, or Wally,” despite not having spoken to them in years. This is a reference to Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner and The Flash/Wally West. In the late 1990s, the three heroes represented the next generation of DC Comics’ heroes. They also briefly served together in the Justice League, during Grant Morrison’s run on the JLA comic.

Kyle Rayner Connor Hawke and Wally West Green Lantern Green Arrow The Flash
(Image Source: DC / Will Rosado)

Hawke quit the JLA almost as quickly as he joined it, convinced he didn’t have a place among the World’s Finest heroes. Despite this, he still considered Kyle Rayner his best friend, and the two continued to team-up on occasion. That changed in 2011, when the New 52 revamp removed the new Green Arrow from continuity.

Connor Hawke was reintroduced in 2021 as part of Joshua Williamson’s Robin series. Going by the name Hawke, he was said to be part of the League of Shadows. He also confirmed that he was Oliver Queen’s son, bonding with Damian Wayne over their shared issues with their fathers.

Despite being written like the original Connor Hawke, it was unclear how much of the young Green Arrow’s origin was still canon. The preview confirms that the most visible part of Connor Hawke’s history is still intact. It remains to be seen, however, just why he hasn’t talked to his former JLA teammates for so long.

Green Arrow #8 arrives in comic shops everywhere on January 23, 2024.

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