Hans Zimmer’s Dune Score Gets an Expanded Vinyl Release From Mondo

Hans Zimmer’s Dune Score Gets an Expanded Vinyl Release From Mondo

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that critics have been highlighting Hans Zimmer’s epic score as one of the best parts of Dune. The legendary composer’s musical contributions to the film previously hit streaming platforms last month. But die-hard collectors may be waiting for the album’s vinyl release. Now, Mondo has revealed plans for its own exclusive pressing that no fan will be able to pass up. Ahead of the film’s premiere next week, Mondo is releasing The Dune Sketchbook as a triple LP complete with gorgeous artwork.

Mondo’s is pressing 3,000 copies of the album, each of which is numbered and foil-stamped with Dune’s logo. Greg Ruth handled the tri-fold sleeve’s artwork, all of which was approved by both Zimmer himself and Dune director Denis Villeneuve. The front cover shows Paul Atreides standing before a large sandworm, maker hooks in hand. Meanwhile, the interior art spotlights three principal characters: Paul, Chani, and Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

The records themselves also feature color schemes that reference three key planets that appear in the film. The green disc represents Paul’s homeworld of Caladan; the orange disc represents Arrakis; and the brown disc represents Giedi Prime, the home of House Harkonnen.

The Dune Sketchbook is actually one of three different soundtracks scheduled for release in conjunction with the highly-anticipated movie. Whereas the standard OST collects Dune’s complete score, the sketchbook includes nine extended suites totaling over 100 minutes in length. Later this month, Warner Bros. will also release Zimmer’s The Art and Soul of Dune, which serves as a companion to executive producer Tanya Lapointe’s behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.

Pre-orders for The Dune Sketchbook go live tomorrow, October 13 at 12pm CT on Mondo’s official website. You can view the full tracklisting below:

Side A

1. Song of the Sisters (16:26)

Side B

2. I See You In My Dreams (18:26)

Side C

3. House Atreides (13:45)

Side D

4. The Shortening of the Way (11:14)

5. Pauls Dream (7:04)

Side E

6. Moon Over Caladan (8:35)

7. Shai-Hulud (9:48)

Side F

8. Mind-Killer (11:11)

9. Grains Of Sand (5:12)

Will you be snagging a copy of the album tomorrow? Let us know in the comment section below!

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