Hasbro 1027 Reveals: Spider-Man, Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Transformers

From a kid’s perspective, there probably isn’t much that’s cooler than three toy dinosaurs which combine into a giant robot. Hell, even if you’re an adult reading this, it probably sounds pretty nifty. And now it’s a real thing — probably the largest retail item revealed as part of Hasbro Pulse’s member-exclusive 1027 streaming event was Magmatron, from Transformers‘ Beast Wars Neo. In Japanese continuity, his component parts amusingly and simply translate as Landsaurus, Skysaurus, and Seasaurus, which is probably what little kids would have named them regardless. The Transformers team also confirmed that a new Silverbolt, previously only seen in Japan, will come stateside.

More Than Machines

The G.I. Joe team revealed full details of the Vamp vehicle, at a new price point (which they would not reveal) and as a Pulse exclusive. As with most of today’s reveals, it goes up for sale to Pulse members at 5 p.m. ET today, and 6 p.m. ET for non-members. The Vamp includes spring-loaded suspension, multiple removable accessories including the engine, movable gear shift, fold-down windshield, and more. Driver Clutch sports rockabilly tattoos on his forearms, and includes two helmets. New figure names revealed as coming later? Falcon trainer Raptor, and Destro’s Iron Grenadier troopers.

Marvel Legends unveiled three updated Spider-Man figures. There’s Last Stand Spidey, in his leather coat-based costume. The seasonally appropriate Jack O’Lantern comes with his flying disc and a light-piped head. And for all the new fans he made in the latest animated movie, Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly now comes on the super-poseable body with a separate sweatshirt piece.

The Star Wars team revealed that Vintage Collection Cassian Andor will get a photo-real update, while a Black Series two-pack pairs Mace Windu (with Clone Wars wrist bracers) with a 187th Division Clone, in purple-highlight armor from the comics. (187? Yeah, we groaned too.) If you miss this two-pack on Hasbro Pulse, it will come to ShopDisney at a later date.

The grand finale reveal was for a HasLab, but we’ll post details for that a little later, since it’s less time-sensitive. Meanwhile, go grab these if they’re still available!

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