HasLab Crowdfunded Galactus Adds Morg Figure for Final Stretch Goal

Only days ago, Hasbro‘s crowd-funding campaign for the gigantic Galactus action figure appeared to be limping toward its only stretch goal. Could it make the 16,000 backers needed to secure a bonus Frankie Raye Nova figure? Not only did it, but with a sudden burst of power cosmic, it blasted past 17,000 to unlock a second stretch goal of a new Silver Surfer figure. As it approaches 20,000 now, with two days left, a final stretch goal seems similarly attainable. And it’s Morg the Executioner. A figure Hasbro seems highly unlikely to offer in any other format.

Probably the most ruthless of Galactus’ heralds over the years, Morg got the job after Nova spared too many worlds. Previously an executioner by trade, he eventually fell out of favor with his planet-eating boss when he took it upon himself to kill Nova rather than awaiting orders to do so. He died and came back a time or two, finally having his corpse used by Annihilus as a power battery. Now, in plastic form, he can live on. Primarily, it seems, because he’s a personal favorite of Hasbro’s Jesse Falcon. But who can blame him? A design that’s basically the Thing in retro-sci-fi silver, wielding an ax, cannot fail.

Help make Morg a reality at HasLab now. Galactus hungers…

Will Morg get you aboard the bandwagon? Let us know in comments!

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