Hawkeye Writer Took Inspiration from Hallmark Christmas Movies

The final Marvel Studios TV series for 2022 finally debuted a few hours ago. In Hawkeye, fans saw what was going on with Clint Barton following the Infinity saga and met Kate Bishop for the first time. If the atmosphere from the two installments felt very much familiar, it is because Hawkeye head writer Jonathan Igla drew inspiration from some pretty recognizable sources. As in Hallmark movies, producers wanted to create that comfy Christmas atmosphere everybody loves.

“I couldn’t say they did not inform the Christmas of the show, a little bit,” said Igla while talking with THR. “In the same way that those movies are comforting, I was reading those comics so many times. There was something that was comforting and relaxing about it. To turn off the stress of the day and try to disconnect from work.”

Hallmark movies aren’t the only inspiration for Igla. His credits also include AMC’s Mad Men and Netflix’s Bridgerton, among other things. Considering there are only six episodes in Hawkeye, he wants to use his experience to avoid a series that repeats stakes and dynamics.

“When shows repeat themselves is when you get bored,” he added. “When you are not feeling that this is an evolution of a conflict between characters. I was very conscious of that on Hawkeye, because I never wanted the show to be boring, and because we only had six episodes to fill. I thought, there is no reason we should ever have to repeat something.”

The next episode of Hawkeye will debut next Wednesday, December 1.

Did you feel that Hallmark Christmas movie atmosphere? Let us know in the comments section.

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