How One Flash Rogue Just Weaponized the Speed Force

The Speed Force gives the Flash a considerable advantage against the supervillains who routinely threaten Central City. Those same villains have often sought to tap the source of Fastest Man Alive’s powers to their own benefit. The Flash #4 by Si Spurrier and Mike Deodato Jr. revealed how one Rogue is weaponizing the Speed Force in a new way.

The main story follows Thunderheart as she searches for her father, Wally West, after he vanishes into a strange realm within the Speed Force. Using her newfound power to track speedsters, Thunderheart follows what she thinks is the Flash’s trail. Instead, she discovers an unsheltered woman with a strange device that gives her access to the Speed Force.

Mirror Master turned the Speed Force into a drug

Mirror Master in The Flash #4

It soon becomes apparent that the unsheltered woman’s perceptions are being altered by the device, making her violent. Thunderheart proves able to steal the device and uses her powers to find where it had originally come from. This leads her into a trap, set by the Flash villain Mirror Master.

Luckily for Thunderheart, Mirror Master didn’t think she was a threat and had “no use for a bairn playin’ the big shot.” Unluckily for her, he elected to blow up his lab rather than puzzle out who she was or how he found her. This left her with no clue as to what Mirror Master was up to beyond trying to trap the Flash.

It is unclear just how Mirror Master has tapped the Speed Force. It is also unclear what his endgame is, as Mirror Master is usually more mercenary in his criminal activities. However, with unstable civilians now enjoying a literal drug rush across Central City, it seems the Flash’s life will soon become even more difficult.

The Flash #4 is now available at comic shops everywhere.

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