Immortal Legend Action Figure Brings Japanese Demon King to Life

A vast majority of toy collectors buy figures based on characters they already like, or properties they have an affinity for. Sometimes, though, a figure comes along that isn’t based on anything they already know — it’s just so damn cool looking it makes them want to crack open every piggy bank in the house. Such is very likely to be the case with today’s newly revealed Immortal Legend Syuten Douji 1/12 Scale action figure.

Die Faster With Big Red

Sometimes spelled Shuten-doji, this tenth-century demon ruled Mount Oe, according to Japanese legend, and was responsible for the kidnapping of young girls in the Kyoto area. He would enslave them, then eat their flesh and drink their blood. As demons do. Blame the booze, perhaps; his name derives from the phrase “sake-drinking lad” for his love of the more literal kind of spirit. It proved to be his downfall; warrior Minamoto no Raiko incapacitated him with enchanted sake, then cut off his head. In an eerie twist, it remained alive until buried at a Buddhist temple.

The figure stands at around 10 inches tall in 1/12 scale, which would make the character ten feet tall. Supposedly he reverts to his true 50-foot form while he sleeps, but let’s not think about how much a figure scaled to that size would cost. The Immortal Legend line, by indie toy company Maestro Union, intends to capture the likenesses of various gods, demons, and monsters from all over the world.

This figure includes demon head, red orc head with beard, six hand parts, armor parts, skeleton necklace, sword, club, black fabric pants, wine saucer, war flags, and a pair of clogs. It’s priced at $88.99, which is about the norm for a 10-inch independent action figure with that level of detail. Preorder now for delivery by the end of the year. That gives you time to think twice, but you probably won’t. Check out the pictures below.

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