Interview: Elvira and David Avallone on The Wrath of Con

Interview: Elvira and David Avallone on The Wrath of Con

Cassandra Peterson’s famous alter ego, Elvira, has a new comic book on the horizon. Writer David Avallone and artist David Acosta are re-teaming for Elvira: The Wrath of Con. Additionally, Dynamite’s Kickstarter campaign for this special one-shot is currently closing in on its $66,666 stretch goal. The campaign is also coming to end on an appropriate date: Friday the 13th, as in tomorrow, August 13.

Earlier this week, Superhero Hype had a chance to talk to both Elvira and Avallone about their new comic. They also touched upon the Elvira Meets Vincent Price miniseries, classic Elvira comics, and a potential crossover that we’ve been dying to see.

Superhero Hype: How did the Wrath of Con come about?

Elvira: I kind of came up with that idea only because conventions are missing from my life now for a year and a half. And it’s a big gap, it’s a big hole still without them. I do a lot of them every year, maybe a dozen. And, you know, everybody was missing and complaining about San Diego Comic-Con in particular. But it’s a drag, you know, not being able to see my fans and communicate with them. It has been difficult.

I kind of suggested that idea, then David took it and ran and he did 99% of the heavy lifting. So, yeah, I was just kind of missing it, it’s really weird that I’m doing this and I don’t know if I’d miss it that much if it wasn’t there.

David Avallone: Yeah, I know exactly the way you feel with that. In the last day of any con, I’m like, “why, why did I do that?” But on the first day of any con, you look on the floor, and you walk on the floor and you look around and you say “my people.” We wanted to do a sequel to last year’s Kickstarter, which was The Omega Ma’am, and it kind of lends itself naturally to the convention atmosphere by doing a big special issue about it…

Do you have any further Elvira comics coming after Wrath of Con?

David Avallone: On the record, we can say that we have plenty of other stuff planned. A lot more exciting adventures. I don’t think it’s been officially announced, but the Elvira Meets Vincent Price series was supposed to be four issues, and I’ve been asked for a fifth one.

I’m also hoping that things continue as they did on Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. It was supposed to be a four issue miniseries. It became a 12 issue series and a four issue spinoff. So I think this may go that same way and hopefully there will be more adventures down the road.

Would you ever be open to an Elvira crossover with Vampirella?

Elvira: Oh, I love Vampirella. That’s funny that you brought that up. Yes, I would. I would kick her ass too. [laughs] Yeah, that would be interesting because, even though they have some similarities, they are very, very different characters. So, you would still have a nice diversity there with me, and my little sister, Vampirella.

Well, you’re both under the same publisher.

David Avallone: Yes. And there is, actually an Elvira and Vampirella team up joke in The Wrath of Con. Yeah. I want to tell you more about it, but there’s literally a joke about that in the book

Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1 is out now. And the Elvira: The Wrath of Con one-shot Kickstarter is running through Friday, August 13.

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