James Gunn Teases Deleted Scenes on The Suicide Squad’s Blu-ray

James Gunn Teases Deleted Scenes on The Suicide Squad’s Blu-ray

The Suicide Squad isn’t just the best-reviewed movie in the DC Extended Universe–it’s also one the shortest. Plenty of other DCEU entries have been criticized for their bloated runtimes. Regardless, James Gunn managed to whittle Task Force X’s latest big-screen caper down to two hours and twelve minutes. And it sounds like DC fans will get to see what ended up on the cutting room floor when the film arrives on Blu-ray.

During a recent chat with Collider, Gunn revealed that his original cut was around two hours and 40 minutes long. This means that there’s roughly 30 minutes worth of scenes sitting in a Warner Bros. vault somewhere. Now, Gunn is offering some hints about what these scenes entailed.

“There was one big major scene section I cut out near the very end of shooting that near the end of editing that I was really afraid to cut, because it was so much cool stuff in it, but it definitely seemed like the right cut,” said Gunn. “But people will definitely be able to see it in the future, because it’s great stuff. And it’s mostly finished, visual effects-wise.”

Gunn went on to explain that this was an extended version of the scene where the characters leave the bar in Corto Maltese. He also shared that another sequence would have given King Shark more screen time.

“I think some really great scenes that we cut out from the movie,” added Gunn. “You see this moment, where King Shark is looking out the window, and he sees a young couple kissing. And you realize in that moment, hopefully just how he’s not a part of this world and how he longs to be a part of this world. That actually was a much longer sort of montage. That is really beautiful, and I really like in and of itself. Again, it was at the wrong place in the movie.”

The Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters and on HBO Max.

Are you looking forward to watching the film’s deleted scenes on Blu-ray? Let us know in the comment section below!

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