John Cena Doesn’t Watch His Language in Peacemaker Red Band Trailer

John Cena Doesn’t Watch His Language in Peacemaker Red Band Trailer

The top wrestling hero of WWE’s PG era isn’t so PG any more. Sure, anyone who saw James Gunn‘s The Suicide Squad already knows that, having seen John Cena‘s Peacemaker in his tighty whities. But in the new NSFW trailer for the spin-off TV show, Cena, who in real life is well known for working with Make-A-Wish Foundation kids, portrays Peacemaker as a character who is decidedly terrible at dealing with youngsters appropriately. Sure, he briefly tries not to swear…but that does not last.

Even the onscreen taglines swear in this trailer, and of course the tighty whities return. As for bird sidekick Eagly — he seems to have a penchant for attacking nether regions. Because of course he does. And just so we know this still is the DC movie universe, there’s a reference to another major hero. But it’s unsurprisingly crass, coming as it does from Cena’s alter-ego.

Check out the new trailer in Gunn’s Tweet, or the player below:

Peacemaker debuts on HBO Max Jan 13th with the first three episodes. Three more will follow weekly thereafter.

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