Jurassic Park Dr. Wu and Mr. DNA Exclusive Figure Set

Of all the possibilities for Jurassic Park-inspired toys, did you ever think you’d get an action figure of Mr. DNA, the cartoon mascot who explains dinosaur cloning for dummies? Like John Hammond, merchandising leaves no stone unturned. Mr. DNA will finally get his own plastic figure, as part of a deluxe exclusive online set with Dr. Henry Wu.

Pitching Wu

Dr. Wu, played by B.D. Wong, had a small appearance in the first Jurassic Park film, then returned in a big way for the Jurassic World trilogy, as well as its animated spin-off, Camp Cretaceous. Initially a helpful scientist, he eventually became a major antagonist, using gene-splicing in a cavalier attempt to create the Indominus Rex and giant locusts.

The exclusive figure set, available only on Mattel Creations beginning Nov. 9 at 9 a.m. Pacific time, will cost $30 plus shipping/tax. Lab replica packaging creates a scene within the box, and can also fold out into a larger diorama out of the box.

Per Mattel, the set’s features include:

  •  Dr. Wu figure has swappable hands and 4 button-activated phrases 
  •  Mr. DNA speaks with 4 button-activated phrases      
  •  Accessories include a lab clipboard, raptor hatchling, and pencil 
  • Lab lights flicker  
  • Packaging features Mr. DNA, dino DNA genetic board, egg incubator structure, and testing equipment  

Use the packaging set to recreate key scenes with other figures, including the one where the park’s earliest guests first see a newborn raptor emerging from its egg. As Hammond said, but meant differently at the time, it’s kind of a ride.

With Mr. DNA now available as a figure, nothing is off the table. What might Mattel make next — a swarm of locusts, perhaps? Lex’s gelatin dessert? The Jurassic Park team clearly have an eye for detail, and we’ll keep an eye out with great interest.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on these images:

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