Last-Minute HasLab Galactus Stretch Goal: Alternate Doctor Doom Head

No, that’s not Skeletor. It’s Doctor Doom, taking on a modified form of Galactus! Even yesterday,  it seemed Morg would be the final stretch goal for the HasLab Galactus. Then Hasbro, at the last minute, pulled out a new one to get the project to 22,000 backers. With one day left, and the current tally at 21,363 as of this writing, it seems extremely doable. Most collectors probably won’t choose to display their Galactus with a Doom head rather then the light-up classic, but now they can if they want. And if customizers with a big budget for base figures want to make a giant Skeletor, that task just got easier.

The Doom head joins Frankie Raye Nova, Morg, and Silver Surfer as extra incentives to purchase the massive Marvel Legends figure. And there’s only one more day to preorder!

Per the official product description: “This 32-inch (812 mm) Marvel Legends Galactus figure is the biggest Marvel Legends figure ever made, surpassing even the mighty Haslab Marvel Legends Sentinel figure! With a frame consisting of +300 pieces, it’s also one of our most intricate. Featuring over +70 points of articulation (with 20 in each hand alone!), this figure is entirely posable and will make a cosmic addition to any display.”

“LEDS on the head and chest convey Galactus’ overwhelming cosmic power. He also comes with 2 alternate faceplates. The first allows the big guy to go from his usual stoic expression to a mask of rage. Best of luck to any Marvel Legends figures who get in his way! The second features a skeletal face in the style of the fan-favorite Marvel Zombies comic book series.”

Will this new head make all the difference for you? Let us know in comments!

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