LEGO X-Men ’97 X-Jet Set Coming New Year’s Day

If you’re a ’90s kid reading this, that theme riff is already going through your head right now. X-Men ’97 will continue the classic Marvel animated series sometime in the new year, but as of January 1st, fans can order a brand new LEGO set based on the upcoming animated return. The X-Jet isn’t one of those super-expensive collector pieces, but rather a slightly scale-cheated signature vehicle at a more affordable price point, loaded with play value.

Duh duh duh DAH da da…

The X-Jet includes four X-Men minifigs in their classic ’90s duds: Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, and a long-haired Magneto. The plane features twin cockpits to hold four figures in total, two stud shooters, and two missile launchers. Two removable containers can store extra studs as well as Wolverine’s claws, when and if one chooses to display him without them extended.

It’s a 359-piece construction set. Per press release, the buildable model jet plane measures over 3 inches high, 11 inches long, and 10 inches wide. It’s priced at $84.99, and will be available directly from LEGO and all other major toy retailers. Though the packaging doesn’t specify X-Men ’97 branding, the product description itself does. Appearance in a licensed LEGO set doesn’t necessarily mean appearance in the source material, but the strong likelihood is that the minifig outfits represent the cartoon costumes accurately. As for the X-Jet itself, it will probably be a bit bigger in the end. (A collector series version in the future could reflect that scale for a lot more money, and be way too big to play with.)

We can probably expect a lot more from this particular collaboration, assuming the relaunched series proves successful. In the meantime, take a look below at some of the official product images from this very fine set, aimed at kids and collectors over the age of eight.

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