Life-Sized M3GAN by NECA Has Almost Everything Except Violence

If you’re a regular reader of this site, it’s probably a safe bet that you’ve seen the movie M3GAN. Did you think that, apart from its murderous AI, it was a pretty cool doll, all things considered? If so, do we have a presale for you. The mad minds at NECA have created a full-scale, 1:1 M3GAN doll, which won’t kill people or do that wacky dance, but otherwise, it’s a pretty spot-on replica.

Dream Doll

According to the official description, this doll is “duplicated from actual film-used digital files to be the most screen-accurate representation available. It has an articulated inner-armature, movable eyes, and synthetic hair (matched to screen-used hair samples). Her clothing is made from film-used patterns and includes a dress with inner lining, two striped sleeves, a bowtie, underwear, tights, and shoes. The fabric material of her dress matches an exact swatch of the dress from the movie, and her shoes are customized with details from the screen-used shoes.”

At the moment, you can only order this four-and-a-half foot doll from The NECA Store, for an introductory price of $494.99. Other retailers will have her too, but the NECA Store’s supply will be the first to ship. Terrify your neighbors before they even know it’s available yet. Just maybe check with the HOA first, so nobody overreacts.

Come to think of it, time has made M3GAN one of the least scary avatars of the coming AI takeover. Sure, she might hurt all your friends if she gets jealous, but she’s not going to rip-off the hard work of other artists, or write articles that get half their facts wrong. And we look forward to seeing what budding stop-motion animators do with the inner armature articulation of this one.

Check her out at every angle in the images below.

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