Marvel Celebrates 80 Years of Captain America With a New Miniseries

This month officially marks eight decades since Steve Rogers first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 in 1941. To celebrate the milestone, Marvel is releasing a new five-issue miniseries called The United States of Captain America. And it will also bring together four different Captain Americas.

The upcoming series pairs writer Christopher Cantwell with artist Dale Eaglesham. But on the page, it unites Steve with John Walker, Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson. The original and former Caps join forces when someone steals Captain America’s shield. Steve and Sam set out to find the thief, and meet with the other Captains along the way. But whoever is in possession of the shield will stop at nothing until they’re all dead.

“It’s an incredible gift and definitely a creative challenge to take on the character of Captain America,” said Cantwell. “Especially during these unprecedented times in our country’s history. With this miniseries we’re hoping to explore what the idea of Captain America means at this precise moment—not just on the grand stage of the world—but to everyday and often overlooked communities throughout the United States. This story is ultimately structured like a ‘road movie,’ harkening back in ways to old Bob Rafelson and Hal Ashby films, with Steve Rogers (and soon Sam Wilson, and later… other key members in Steve’s life) getting to directly interact with those he represents as a symbol and has sworn to protect, but in an up close and personal way he hasn’t experienced in a while.”

“I’m extremely excited to show how the idea of Captain America has been conceptualized and translated by various groups in the country,” continued Cantwell. “And for me the juice of the story is Cap reconciling so many interpretations OF himself WITH himself, both as a person and as an icon. This kind of cross-country epic is uniquely American and seems like a fantastic way to celebrate the character’s legacy right now.”

In addition to Cantwell and Eaglesham’s tale, the series will also feature back-up stories from a broad range of talent. Tackling the first of these secondary narratives is writer Josh Trujillo and artist Jan Balzadua. Other creative teams for these stories have yet to be revealed.

The United States of Captain America #1 hits comic shops on June 2. You can check out the full artwork for the first issue below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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