Marvel Masterpieces III Trading Cards Return as New Variant Covers

Next year, Greg and Tim Hildebrandt’s iconic Marvel Masterpieces III trading card art returns for a new collection of Marvel Comics variant covers.

Starting in January 2024, the Hildebrandt twins’ Marvel Masterpieces III illustrations will adorn select titles across Marvel‘s publishing line in honor of the trading card set’s 30th anniversary. January itself will see the release of nine such covers for the following titles: Fantastic Four #15 (on sale January 1), Luke Cage: Gang War #3 (January 10), Amazing Spider-Man #42 (January 17), Daredevil #5 (January 17), Invincible Iron Man #14 (January 17), Immortal Thor #6 (January 24), Avengers Inc. #5 (January 31), Carnage #3 (January 31), and Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars: Battleworld #3 (January 31).

Check out the first nine Marvel Masterpieces III Variant Covers below:

Marvel Masterpieces III turns 30

“Across more than 150 beautifully painted illustrations, comic fans saw the Brothers Hildebrandt’s masterful approach to the Marvel Universe with these timeless depictions of heroes and villains that have stayed with in the hearts and minds of fans ever since,” Marvel wrote in its official announcement.

The Marvel Masterpieces trading card line originally launched in 1992, with a second series arriving in 1993. The Hildebrandt-illustrated third series launched in 1994. Numerous additional series have released in the three decades since.

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